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Howdy!  How are you today, folks?

Me?  Fine,  Sis Rosie?  Do you really need to know about her today?  Haha!  Thought so.  She’s seeing her psychiatrist right now for those of you who really need to know.  Not seeing as consulting but seeing as seeing.  He looks like our character today, a real life character, artist, actor, writer, director, and fire fighter no 56, also known as Bruschetta-the-great, on fire engine no 55, aged 55.  A Sagittarian born on 13 December 1957, a fire sign, whose talent cannot be extinguished, what else and what not?  Oh, btw, his name is Steven Vincent Bruscemi, a shining star of the third kind.

Well, Sir, the three tarots de Marseille cards drawn for you today are:

Temperance + Strength + Tower

Hm.  There are two elements appearing in these three cards:

1. Your independence is about to pay off in a big way in that you’re gonna get a lot more work than you thought you’d get at first.  It’s like you’ve been working very hard and you’ve been achieving really well up until now but not to your entire satisfaction because you’re a lot more demanding on yourself than you like to admit and more demanding than your peers know of you.  If you’re expecting some big contract and major career breakthrough to be bestowed upon you then bestowed it’s about to be.

2. Aaaaaaah relationships.  Gotta love them… Makes you feel human even in the wake of crooked teeth, huh?  Look, you’re not out of the woods I’m afraid (I mean out of your trouble with that person whom your flame shines for, not your teeth, silly).  How come artists like you who have it all when it comes to the art and skill of communicating how one feels and transmitting it to the whole wide world find themselves in the dark with their loved ones the way you do?  I dunno.  If I loved Rosie, I’d know how to tell her.  Fortunately, I… but that’s another story.

Here’s for the remainder of the reading:

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, are we?  Can’t go away or be spontaneous…  Yet, by the same token you can no longer bear the lack of creativity and all things conventional.  Stevo, what’s that all about?  I don’t mind talking about contradictions within anyone but this is a bit much even for me.  Listen, Mate, just make a decision, will ya?  What is it you want?  It’s the difference between this and that, black and white, dog and cat.  You know where this leads to, right?  Let me point the right direction for you: infinity, the never ending circle of life where opposites meet in a streamless fashion.  It’s not that complicated and if you think it is then go consult your doctor, Man!

It doesn’t help either that in your house of fears and negative influence we find the high priestess and page of pentacles: for God’s sake, Stevie, me little friend, the rationale is for you not to fear the irrational and let yourself being lifted by day dreaming and mental disturbances: do not fear the implausible impossible as it becomes your day-to-day reality.  Deal with it and stop whinging, that’s all I have to say because I’m getting angry seeing that the artist you are should be scared of my superstitious nonsense because it’s not non-sense.  Ask your friends.  Ask your beer and ask your wine.  They’ll tell ya.

Was I tough?  So sorry, Stevo-boy.  Didn’t mean it.  It’s on paper now however, so deal with it.  Look, it’s all right, we’ve all got the need to be alone and disengage ourselves from worldly endeavours, to take our time and ponder, you included.  So do it if you must but don’t stay in that place for too long and even you need to shed light on why some people around you decided to leave for good.  Leaking one’s wounds is ok but set your timer on it, Mista Bruschetta.

Besides, there are signs of a new relationship (or the renewal of one?… don’t think so) pointing its nose in your direction and you ought to prepare yourself to shine by oiling your armour with the right stuff.  Stars in your sky are gonna shine brighter soon.  Don’t be the old man you think you’ve become, there’s still a child within you: let it play, let it pull you where this time of life’s pulling you to.  Nothing is as bad as you make it to be at the moment; you’re just acting bad in your head and acting bad in front of your friends who’ve had enough trying to understand your antics.  But good times are here for you to grab.  I repeat for the last time: to understand yourself, take a hell raising good look in that mirror you smashed earlier today!

I can see and sense that, in your past, you don’t come from an easy place, one where you had to try to make sense of your world in an utterly thoughtful-and-nothing-but-the-thought process.  It was hard work.  Besides, you’re a hard worker, far too hard for some, far too hard for the enjoyment of some of your friends and/or family.  But you made it through because of your spirited approach and your – how about that? – belief of the greater good and all things spiritual… at times.  Nothing escapes you.  You’re generous to a point but you won’t tolerate fools and you’d rather spend your day working at your craft or on a tank engine… or did I mean fire engine? Dunno.  Some engine.  Some tank.  Dumbo.  Me, I meant me… than with some lovely drunk soul drinking more drink at a bar.  It’s a choice.  Who am I to judge?

Your resources can be drawn from your ability to chameleonise all your behaviours and you can use your moods to alter your skin colour by the mere click of your fingers, unlike many of us.  This means you can switch from being happy a nano-second earlier to being suicidal the next nano-thingy.  This is to do with what happened earlier and that someone leaving.  You’re not one to cry over your fate or to linger for too long in an uncomfortable place but you must make an effort for it.  Thank Gotye for that!  What?  Who cares?

Now, there’s a funny feeling that you’re not intending to fight your way through.  Through what?  I’m not sure what this is about but you’re soon gonna emphasise you’re refusing to follow all that is conventional and me advice here, Stevey, is to let it happen, the childlike way, I mean to let life happen to you rather than you attempting to control it ‘cause it’s just what the doctor ordered for you at the moment.  That’s you told.  Have a nice life.

Lastly, Vincente, Man, as to your next endeavour, and like we saw at the very beginning of this reading, you’re about to be very creative and the opportunity and opportunities you were looking for are gonna
come knockin’ at your door like basically never before: it’s bigger, it’s more lucrative and it’s more inspiring.  You’re gonna love it.  You know what?  My theory is that, (yeah, you’re gonna get it like they all do on this blurb), you’re going to be the co-director on a freakingly funny TV series that’s gonna be records breaking and your source of inspiration is gonna be very much of a never ending one.  I give you ten years: not on a fire engine, not in any prison cell, nor in any steady relationship, but of that weekly show you’re about to create.  Please, send me your first reel like they used to say, for the sake of old times and for me yet inexistent collector’s items.  Just like you, I wanna get there some day.  So long, Stevie!