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I’ll be straight to the point today: Rosie is cooking me killer spaghettis (don’t ask, but if you must know, she’s addicted to Diet-Coke-Zero-Chemically-Enhanced-flees (hey Coke managers: you can’t sue me, I’ve nothing worth being sued for) as well as to what I put in it, don’t worry, it’s harmless and as you know by now, it keeps her at bay… as sweet as a sheep).

I’m going to read for Mrs Zoë Wanamaker, another of my favourite actresses whom I dream of bringing to the altar.  Born on 13 May 1949, Zoë Wanamanamanaker is a powerful Taurus for whom the art is highlighted by Mercury and most probably, some affinity with an air sign.

For you, lady, I drew the Pope, the Hanged Man and the High Priestess: some stalemate of your current relationship is coming up.  Since this is within the realm of the highly private and that, even though I don’t enjoy being unable to dig a lot more, I shall stop here and just highlight that you can ride that wave and, besides, you’re busy with your craft and enjoying it to the full.  ‘What’s love got to do with it?’  Only you can answer that one.

Let me try and look at things from a different perspective.  Your question for this reading might be: ‘How best can I lead my life and keep on going happily and turn a blind eye?’ or, alternatively, ‘how can I make him see through his ways? And my answer would be that yeah, turn a blind eye to it because he and whoever this might be can’t see very far.

Something tells me, and you know it too, that this situation isn’t happening although the lingering whisper going through your ears is and what if it could be?  Time will tell.  It isn’t inspired and inspiring but it must be lived through.

There are no hesitations to be had and you know this, else your creativity goes backward and it might go as far as your forgetting your lines often – whereas it’s not Alzheimer or early onset of Dementia, no, no – just focus on what you love doing… keep your spirits up and this is the day’s motto for you.

Don’t forget that you’re a fighter, always have been and you can show great strength in the face of adversity.  However, and as you realise, you need to withdraw in your boudoir at times to think and shed light on what is happening.  Not only this, but you need to replenish your energies.  There’s a star in front of you, follow it no matter what… and no, of course, it has nothing to do with a small barn in Bethlehem unless it was Hebron or Tibet? (sorry, me religious upbringing isn’t quite up to scratch).  In summary here, you have the strength to overcome what is being thrown at you at present.

In your past there were no surprises in that it seems to have been expected of you to choose and commit to your craft and you did just that, being fortunate enough to love what was being offered to you.

Ma’am, there is power at hand for you.  Either you have a powerful and sensitive man who is ready to give you all the support you need and/or you are the powerful powerhouse taking yourself above and beyond the pettiness that life may be currently throwing at you.

I think that you may need to shed some of the work that you’re undertaking because only you know that you may be taking on a little too much at the moment.  Also, don’t let hesitations take over.  This doesn’t mean to ignore them however, but to be aware of them and make a choice to end the strife within and carry on with your life as it should be.

Zoë, your experience and knowledge are very powerful but they must remain hidden in some way because this allows you to lead others without too much competitively and with quiet strength.

As to your next endeavour, I sense that you’re going to play someone who’s down on everything in their life, no luck, no money, no relationship, but who will be called to lead others because of all the hard knocks she might have incurred and suffered throughout her life.  Some Joan of Arc character and quite possibly, you might play a female who pretends to be a male in order to become a leader and which never gets discovered though her children know the truth.  How’s that for details?  (Rosie has such dreams in real life… the poor sod!)

Now, I hope you enjoyed this reading and I’d be EVER so grateful if you could send me a ticket to you playing in a Shakespeare plays, ‘cause so far I’ve only seen you play hilarious Susan Harper ‘cause I try and spend 32 hours a day in front of the TV but I fail miserably.