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– Rosie, look, I wouldn’t dare.  It’s only about calming you down and reassuring you.  I’d never lace your drink with anything dangerous and safe and if you must know, I crushed and squeezed gummy bears to a pulp and mixed it to your Redbull.  That is why your collapsing shocked me.  I thought you had an allergic reaction but that wasn’t it, was it?

– You don’t know what you’re doing, you’re an idiot.

– I’ll tell you what: I reckon it was the placebo effect.  You believed so hard I’d put something nasty into your drink that you reacted as if it were true.

– I’m an empath.

– And I’m a magician.

Rosie gets out in a huff, slams the door, once again.

– Well folks, that’s us rid of that mad sister of us.  Good Day by the way.  So, who’s on today?  Who’s up for a bulb?  Ha!  Well, it’s gonna be a big lady, larger than life.  I’m gonna take the chance to read for me soul sister, me-friend-if-only-she’d-want-to-know-me.  It’s the mega-gigantica-mogulica Oprah Gail Winfrey, a wonderful Aquarian, hey Sis! born on 29 January 1954.

First of all, and maybe a little surprisingly since I know nothing of your life, there is a clear indication that life (recently) hasn’t been as fair to you as you’d expected it to be and you’ve had to bring about a few tough changes because you’ve just had enough of petty and never ending battles.  It’s like it’s been difficult to bring balance about and to maintain it and you’ve had enough of dispirited and ridiculous behaviours surrounding you so you’ve had to take a couple of tough stances and rid the emotional disturbances.  Not nice but necessary sometimes.  I think it appears in this reading because you’re a nice person and you feel guilty having to be tough when really, it shouldn’t have to be necessary.  If only people would behave.  You come out victorious of this battle but it eventually leave you with a feeling of discontent as it’ll bring you to a cross-road.  What to do?  What path to follow?  It’s very much a sign for you to follow your intuition as the path won’t be clear and to fight those negative thoughts that creep in here and there.  Besides, you’ll sign a new contract, more than one for sure, but contract(s) that will change your career direction towards more acting and producing.  There are zillions of stories you could and wish to bring to the world and for you I sense that this is the way to go.

Right now, Oprah, Ma’am, I also sense that you feel that you’ve had enough looking after finance and wish to spend your hard won income for the fun of it all since, after all, life is to have fun.  Spending wisely and not so wisely.  Charity and the Self.  You’ve got the option and it’s not for me to comment and who cares, we all know that earning a dollar cannot be in your priorities any longer, unless it’s for others.  The thing is, Ma’am that love and all things sweet and rose tinted come after this, that is, the needing to belong and to feel that you are truly loved and cared for.  Your emotional needs need a plenty still (like we all do, I know, but this is your reading, remember?).  There also appear to be places of happiness in spite of the difficult times of your youth that you wish to revisit in order to feel re-connected with yourself.  Well then, why wait any longer?

Oprahbama, sweet lady, it seems that there are times when you feel that there’s no hope for the world and that the planet is on an unrelenting and unrewarding, ascending slope of hard work as no matter how hard we try, the planet won’t recover from the damage it’s already sustained and there’s disillusion in your heart.  You know what I’m gonna say here, right?  You’re not allowed to feel that way and if you really are, then you’d be best to take your own best advice or go on a retreat at one of Sir Chop-a-Rack’s body & soul dusting & scrubbing clinic ‘cause none of us want to hear it but especially because you, of all people, shouldn’t feel that way.

In your hopes, fortunately, there remains this wise and intuitive beyond belief woman who can see in the heart of all and vice-versa.  Yes, we can all see into your heart, Oprahma.  You wish for calm and peace and you no longer want to let the unexpected step into your life without warning.  Err.

What is happening at the moment is that you’re not wanting to use your intuition to show the world how good you are using it because you fear we’d all come knocking at your door to predict our past, present, future and what not, me first, and grant us with the gift of belief in anything and lead us to forget about free-will altogether ‘cause destiny is just that’: destiny, or fate, what you will.  It would be much easier that way, yep.  We’d all just sit there and wait for the grim rip-O-bloke to rob us all of what he comes and collects at some point anyway.  Nice thinking.  Positive like never.  Knock-knock, is this really you, Missa Winfrey or just me ranting?

Your past, and I won’t linger on it, has been an ocean of fluctuating tides and waves that rose to highs higher than most common mortals experience and to lows lower than most ever live through.  You know that, I know that.  We all do know it to some extent.

The good thing for you currently is that you almost no longer need to fight as, once what I mentioned at the beginning is over, you’ll no longer need to care except for yourself and those you love.  Let the sun shine and be as brilliant as you can be because brilliant you are and always will be.

For now, even in matters relating to the heart, forget about it, don’t go in overthink and take a much needed rest to look after yourself, your own soul as you do love to meditate.  It brings you much inspiration and refreshment.  There’s nothing you dislike more than a world without colours and when you’re tired, your eyes can’t see colours any more.  So here Ma’am, lay your heart and your mind on this wonderfully smooth and silk cushion of the colour purple, if you please and let me see you rest awhile.

Well, it is clear that once your resting and nesting period are over, you’re not going to be able to lie or sit for too long as it’s a matter of a twitching mind that is going to overwhelm you and an unstoppable need to create what’s not yet been created and be inventive to the tip of your fingers.  You’ll battle on to show the rest of us that, not to be outdone, you can still stir a soup in producing/directing movies you’ve never thought of doing before, Woody Allen style only with your very own typical trade mark (which is yet for you to reveal to us) as you’ll concentrate on making movies depicting relationships and take part in them too.  I love seeing you in movies more than as a TV presenter so if you think of us, please let us witness the making of one of your future movies, we’d be thrilled to bits, Rosie and I.

Hope you enjoyed my reading for you, Oprah Ma’am.