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Yo! Folks!

Me next victim to be bulbed is: Ian Russell McEwan – born 21 June 1948 – an airy Gemini… under the influence of a moon shadow.

Hope you’re all well.  I’m good, ta.  Life’s good: I have peace.  I’ve set up an astro-physical library in the loo for Rosie including an all-purpose computer screen on-the-wall with internet so that Rosie can sit on the dunny and do her things and you know what?  IT’S WORKING!

Three cards were drawn for you: Magician, Devil and Hermit

Ian, Mate, you’ve just been caught into some major shift and all that you know is about to change.  We’re talking relationship and emotions here.  You’re in the midst of major upheaval in your life (or will be soon) as seen earlier.  There’s nothing much you can do except to be prepared.  As always, it’s good, it’s bad.  Good in that you’re gonna seek more truth and times on your own to write like you’ve never done before and like you never thought you’d apply yourself to again.  You won’t even think twice about it.  The sad stuff lies in your analysis of what’s happened to you and you’re trying to overcome the trouble it’ll have caused you in your spare time, when you have some, if you allow yourself some.

Yep, Ian: a major life change.

Now, if you’ve ever worried that the pen might dry, then think again: your imagination and inspiration will never decline.  You may hold on tight to your finance but there’s no concern to ever be had here either.  It’s funny how life’s predicaments can spur one to go beyond self-imposed boundaries and reach out for more.  You will write about those things you’ve put on the back burner for so long and dedicate your life to causes that will mean more to you as time goes on.  Who said ‘I’m quite good at not writing’ huh?  That’s funny.

Clearly, your fears involve a lack of energy, that of saying the wrong thing and/or saying something that gets turned upside down by outsiders, enemies and creatures (yeah, human beings, people) who love nothing more than a good argument, including fighting till death ensues.  Your choice relies in your choosing your battles carefully and not indulge in getting caught in them endlessly as they may lead you nowhere.

In your difficult moments, there’s an expectation that dark thoughts, unwelcome illusions and tricks of your own imagination would play down their tunes and that you could master them.  It seems that you may not be directing and focusing your energy in the best manner at times and that lack of sleep results in exhaustion.  You wish your imagination would stop its constant chatter as your mind is restless to bits.  Where is energy when you need it?  Don’t dismiss the powers of meditation or curse them, you know they’re good for you.  McEwan, Sir, please remember that most of us can’t be sleeping a mere 3 hours a night until death catches us: take a rest and stop wishing for the impossible.

In your youth, clearly, creativity is highlighted as well as hardship and/or finances that seemed to disappear faster than it came in.  This is long gone now.  Your mother was a major influence and helped you promote your inspiration and imagination.

Stepping into the unknown, travelling and experimenting bits of life that you’ve never dared to dream before are highlighted and it doesn’t involve being foolish or selfish and arrogant.  Besides, it increases your creativity and you’d be well advised to let loose of routine and things that bore you.  I mean, don’t be boring to yourself and you’ll never bore anyone else in the same process, right?  Get out of your daily rut when you need to, take a trip and do some acting: step on stage for the sake of childish fun, it would do you good.  Trust your inner child and let it go wild at times, I can’t repeat this enough to anyone.

At present, me advice to you, IanMcIan, is to let go of bothersome instincts and passions that you can’t feel, let go of the idea that you’d want to feel your own guts more. Let your intellect drive you because it’s deriving its compulsions and thoughts straight from your subconscious which, even if you can’t feel it at times, is talking to you.  Sounds a bit too far out?  Just trust me on this, you’ll see.

As to your next book, it may involve a hidden love between a restless young traveller who chooses not to commit but who will remain loyal to the relationship that flourishes at the beginning until his love marries another and the relationship begins to exist only in his mind.  The poor sod will remain loyal to his love by building his home not far from her and be there at all times through all that she goes through while he travels the worlds for his assignments here and there and writes about how he constructs his life around her until she dies ignoring him entirely.  Hey, Man, I don’t like sad stuff.  Gimme a tissue, will ya?

Hope you enjoyed this reading, Mate.  Please send us a book.