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Good Day, Folks!

Today, and with Rosie here present assisting me (she’ll shut up all the way through and will give me feedback after the reading… more on this next week), I’m reading for Mrs Chloe Ardelia Wofford.  A mouthful by all accounts but, with all deference and reference being made and with all and every respect due, – what was I saying? – Oh, yeah.  For all that matters, and to be clear and clearer, I’m talking of the grand Dame of literature, a prize winning prize winner also known as Ms Toni Morrison, an Aquarian who missed her career as a Piscean but who’s made up for it by becoming a word crafty queen, a booquarian, doh.

Toni, I’m always surprised when I see people like you, a little older than I am – not that much but enough – who can still muster 2000 to 5000 pages of books per year and be successful at it.  That is why I can’t wait for me retirement – you know… Rosie & I working for a living doing what must be done but nothing more in the hope that one day we may be able to write like you do, or at least be good at selling whatever it is we may be trying to put down on paper as hopeful and dutiful pen monkeys, aahhh wouldn’t it be good if?…but that is another story.  Once more and like we’ve seen before with many an artist, the cards show your literary power and prowess as being infinite, never ending and promoted by a healthy brain, one without pencils or crayons traversing it and one crafting and manipulating words like few others do.  (BTW, cards drawn are Star, Emperor and Fool).

There is some debate around you at the moment – after all, why wouldn’t there be any ‘cause everything around writers is debatable, right?’ –because… well because because because it’s like the song in the Wizard of Oz, because being wonderful at something, here mostly words and ideas implies that others will disagree and voice that out loud and louder when really, they could just tell you face to face instead of making sure it’s ‘in the news’ – oh fuckity fuck, fuck da damn news!  Don’t you wish sometimes that the Internet, mobile phones, fax machines and Morse code didn’t exist and that planes were limited so as not to pollute and with a mere compass for direction in them?  Then the news wouldn’t travel so fast and there’d be some decent criteria for what is news and what isn’t, right?  It’s not too bad but bad enough to be a nuisance and fortunately, you have your strong independent mind to shut that clamour up, the one in your head and ignore it as mere fucked nonsense that belongs to the realm of outer space, else known as nowhere unless you too know it as the deep and dark black hole of crapdom.

Let’s get as serious as possible, Ms Morrrrrrizon, huh?  Serious, serious, yeah.  I mean it a little more and a little less than last time I said it.  Today, the main question surrounding your present life in this present world or presentdom is one of waiting patiently for the storm to pass and for enlightenment to bring along its effect of meditative bonuses in order to fight those powerful figures – one man around you isn’t as honest as he should be although he pretends to be – an older guy, a jealous guy, yeah, stupidity doesn’t stop with age that’s for sure – who means to destabilise you in some way.  You can see through this all the way so don’t be afraid and take that ride without your paying more attention to it than it deserves.

Look, there are no hesitations to be had and although I don’t promote throwing caution to the wind, it is clear that for now, being overly cautious and in over-thinking mode drive isn’t the way to go for you.  It also feels like someone around you is being overly protective and not wanting to see you rush around and be the busy bee you’re usually are because, and even though they mean well, because they think nothing good’s gonna come out of it and that you’ll pay the price with your health.  Don’t pay attention to that person either and do what you feel you want to do and that’s that.

Indeed, as we’ve seen before, you won’t let anyone affect you with their nonsense and if a fight or two need battled on bravely, you’ll go through them, win without much lifting a finger or onerously nor erroneously spend a single brain cell worth of crap load and take on those new opportunities to write to your heart’s contents and say it out loud if needs be because you love to teach and show the way to others too.  Boy, wasn’t that a long sentence?  What did it mean?  Don’t hesitate to rack your brains and to let me know.  “Somebody has to take responsibility for being a leader” you said once, and you’re doing just that brilliantly.  Don’t refrain yourself, speak up, Toni-Mo, speak up and don’t give up.

Clearly, some others around you aren’t trying to meet your best interest but you needn’t worry about it.  You know why?  They’re gazing at their own navels to the point of being engrossed by what they see innit and they’re forgetting basic decorum and civilities which means that they become targets of ridicule by drawing unwanted attention onto them with people out there not being stupid and seeing precisely what needs to be seen in such circumstances.  Just ignore them, it’ll pass and you’ll have the upper hand without you doing anything or even thinking twice about it.

In your past, we have the feeling of your feeling like you’re being led blindly and being unsure which way to be headed.  We also have travelling considerations which brought difficult choices and planning to be made.  This is some time back now, Ms Morrison, Ma’am.  Still, hesitations of the past and lingering thoughts about them sometimes send you into a daydreaming mode which you’d rather avoid – which you do but it does come back to haunt you.  I’d suggest to drink better coffee and to visit Europe or Australia for a better brew ‘cause it’s a known fact that US brew tends to, err… you know?  I mean look at what happened to Starbucks in wondrous Oz land… there’s a reason for it, ain’t there?  Coffee drinking aside, other tarot readers might suggest that you talk to someone about those recurring and unwelcome thoughts.

You know that what you can do to improve those moments in life where not all is going according to plan is to bring in the balance of the Hermit as well as travelling.  Sometimes, there’s nothing more you love than travelling alone and do all that you want without a care in the world and then mix in a rightly deserved crowd of adulation who will ask nothing more than be around you and listen to what you have to say as well as learn from it.  And then you return to your peaceful quarters, once more inspired and as warm, relaxed yet buzzing with excitement and energy as if you’d just taken a hot bath and listened to that very piece of music you love.

Right now, I would suggest, Ma’am, that you stop looking at the past and consider that what is gone is gone and that it can always be looked at again, but only after taking the necessary perspective and bringing in the thoughtful bits to stop any lingering feeling of having missed out on something.  There’s no time for regrets and one must move one.  There are no two ways about this and Rosie and I know all about that type of predicament so write to us if it ever gets worse and we’ll give you the advice you seek, betcha we will.  At your service.

As to your next beautifully crafted piece of assembled pages, something called a book these days (yes, we may be that old), I believe you’ll write about someone who goes through life working too hard and forgetting that life is for the living and that the act of juggling working life and family life isn’t one to be laughed at nor poorly balanced.  It’s a sheer juggling act and although you may ‘like the idea of marriage’ you might bring a conclusion to that story which would highlight that for couples, the need for one another’s soul to be connected to remain together over a lifetime is the only thing that will glue that couple.  Gorgeous.  Very romantic.  Send us one book, Ms Morrison, please, please, please and please again?  I kneel.  Just for you.  Thank you!


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