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Good Day, Folks!

Today, I’m going to read for Robin McLaurin Williams, one of the funniest men on earth.  Mr. Williams is born on 21 July 1951, a fabulous imaginative Cancerian whose hilarious rising roar has been heard (and can still be heard) by most of us.

–                 But first, you—

–                 —Yep, yep, I know, Rosie.  You do your bit as I promised I’d let you.  C’mon now.  Criticise – PO-SI-TI-VE-LY – my reading for Mrs Morrison last week.  Don’t take too long, will—

–                 —Stop rambling and let me do my critic.  It’ll be informative.

–                 I’m all ears.

–                 First of all, you shouldn’t have reminded Lady Morrison of her age.  It’s unheard of in a reading, it is discrimination.

–                 Unfair.  I could read for a famous baby who hasn’t got any wrinkles, knowledge or experience.

–                 A baby may have an old soul, just like Ms Morrison may have a young soul and, besides, the way you think is what ages you or not, not your physical age.

–                 Fuck, Rosie, we don’t give readings for the departed but for real living human beings with real lives.

–                 You read for Homer Simpson, a cartoon character and even compared his pencilled brain with that of Dame Morrison.  That was cruel.  I declare you unfit to do any further readings.  This show is now mine.

In a frantic move only Feralbulb can do, he jumps on his sister, having guessed this is how she would behave, silences her by taping her mouth and binds her hands and confines her to the kitchen.

Right, back to our funny sheep, folks, don’t worry about me sister, you know how it is.  All right, Mr. Williams.  Married Three times, or so.  The bluest of sparkling blue eyes.  Rosie had hopes on you some time ago.  Three cards for you, Sir Bill:  Hanged Man, World and Tower.

These cards lead me to simply insist on your keeping the good work and not let yourself being swallowed by small daily routines that drag you down and dispirit you.  Don’t let some situations drag on for too long, do something about it, damn it!  Yep, life has a tendency to repeat itself, sure, but each time there’s a difference, something new.  You’ve never lacked energy, not before, not now, not soon, so get your head sorted out again if you need to, don’t let stupid and unnecessary thoughts break you in any way and do what must be done to change any situation that no longer needs be.  You’re no stranger to bringing changes to your life so move on, Mate; improvise like only you know how to.

To follow up on what I was saying, it seems that, clearly, you’re considering other options and looking at the expanding horizon ahead of you, planning ahead, wondering how to tackle a couple of new projects you have in mind without being overly emotional about them as well as wondering if this may lead to good finance or not.  It feels like you don’t want to give up some activities already under your belt while at the same time you wish to be able to tackle more.  Ask yourself: do you have the time to do all that life has on offer for you?

I believe that you fear that travelling to seek out new work and new opportunities might make you lose precious time because, just like you appear to be thinking, ‘the show must go on’ and you can’t just give what you’re doing so well right now just to market and immerse yourself into new activities for the sake of testing the unknown.  Robin, bird, there’s nothing to be afraid of here because you know deep down that you enjoy what you’re doing as it is and you being the master of inventiveness and stupidity all wrapped in one, you might as well not give up what you’ve taken so long to establish and prove, unless you’re ready to give up everything you know, including your material world and good finance.

In your wishes and hopes is some kind of anti-climax thingamabob because you want something to happen and explore new activities but you’re not willing to spend the time travelling the world to seek them out.  This takes us back to what I was saying before: don’t do what you can’t add anywhere in your busy schedule.  I mean: Robbity-Man, don’t stretch yourself unless you’re willing to give it all up and try your whole professional life under a new light which makes me wonder how there could be anything new you may wish to add when you’ve already tried and tested so many options?  Ya must be planning on living till you’re over 150 years old, right?

Currently, at this point in time, right now, at present, at this very split-second, you… err.  What?  Well that’s interesting Bill: you’re very inspired and wanting to step onto the stage again and again and shine.  Because that’s what you do, you’re good at it and you always, always come up with some new stupid stuff to say and make us laugh.  Still, it stresses you out and it takes a lot from you to practice hours on end and there’s always a toll for those around you to have to live with your eccentricities as well as sensitive jokes that turn insensitive because everything is a joke around you.  Who thinks that Robin, Mate?  Fun in life is a choice.  Take care to surround yourself with people of the same psychological make-up as yours or else you’re the one left with a bleeding heart.  After all, I’d drop everything I’m doing in a second if I could write full time for funny shows such as Homer Simpson, South Park, My Family, etc and live life as if it were one big chuckle.  Passion is selfish; besides, it doesn’t mean you have to turn into Melvin Udall in As Good As It Gets.

Obviously, to state but the obviously obvious and make it more obvious without being obvious, hard work at your craft has paid off and will do so until your days end sometime in future in a far, far away galaxy.  You overcame amazingly fucked odds against shyness early on and the early odd ball you were is long gone even if you feel you’re still odd at times.  Maybe you’re just projecting what some people think you should think if you know what I mean?

Amusingly enough, it seems that for you to be inspired and feel totally emotionally in control of what you invent and come up with is to avoid thinking at all cost and let your feelings and emotions take over.  There’s absolutely no other way to muster and master your craft for you.  Trouble comes along when you feel that you can no longer feel anything hence the times when ‘drink and drive’ weren’t the recommended choices but that you took along anyway.  Surely by now, as an actor, you know the benefits of lying in the dark and breathing in and out slowly, without disturbance, the same way one eats flower petals on a sunny afternoon when there’s nothing left to do to calm one’s nerves?

To end this discourse peacefully, Billy-Willy-Billy, Mate, I recommend that you keep on going strong at your craft, using all that you know in a cool, collected and calculating manner (yes, I said calculating because I mean you need to be devilishly organised in all that you do in order to manage all that you wanna do).  Don’t give in to basic instincts but only to all those sensitive emotions and feelings that make you the man you are and whom Rosie loves (I love you too but I’m a bloke so I won’t expand onnit).

BTW, I’d love to follow your advice and make a joke about a dick, only I don’t have one except the one dangling in my head (don’t ask me how but be sure it didn’t drop off by itself), which, in a way, gives me balls.

There is freshness in what you want to do next, a big bag of beans you’re still full of, Sir Williams.  I think that you’re secretly trying to incorporate a movie into your busy schedule ‘cause it’s a long time you haven’t appeared in some epic such as SpongeBob Battles SpongeZilla, Yodda: How to Become and Be a Flying Bra or Batman-Gets-Married and we’re all hanging by your witty lips to spirit us away under some good script.

Hope this reading meant something to you Robin, Man.

Zat’s it for today, Folkeys.


Psst!: Robin, please… don’t forget… a couple of tickets, thanks!