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Good Day, Folks!

What can I say?  Today, I couldn’t resist selecting ‘la crème de la crème’ of witty men, Alan Graham Carr, born on 14 June 1976 for a bubbly bulbing of mine and it’s looking good because I managed to get Alan’s rolling tray of fancy bottles in Rosie’s kitchen and she’s busy exploring colour and taste.  Interesting, how, for such a hard-core scientist, Rosie will melts at the sight of a colourful bottle owned by a TV personality.  But hey, who said life wasn’t funny?

Now, Sir Alan Graham-Boy Carr is a Gemini, a true blue Gemini, one who can’t stop the chatter inside and outside of himself.  I’m not implying that you’ve got voices inside your head, Alan, Man, nah, just being slightly envious of your creativity.  Besides, I think me own internal chatter needs to be nurtured so that I can let it out and pretend I am who I am, err.  Yeah.  WhaTTever.

I drew three cards for you: Sun + World + High Priestess

Well, well, well, Alan, Man.  It would be rather boring to say that, at present, the world is your oyster and you’re having fun like there’s no tomorrow and you’d be right behaving as such because what if tomorrow never came?  No, ‘course I’m not implying something nasty is coming, just praising you like hell over your ever optimistic outlook on life and forever bringing in the fun from all sides.  It’s like you’re a catalyst for fun to happen, like fun rays – wherever these may come from – are on the lookout for you and ensure that all those who need to be touched by you are brought to you for you to anoint them.  You’re like the Pope of fun, only very funny and without the hang-ups of catholic priests if I may put it mildly.

So, with the Sun card, meetings of importance (to you) are highlighted and it may be that a fated meeting is to take place or that it just did and that it triggers an inner conflict that only you can decide upon.  You’re currently hesitating because your perception of how you see life and approach it is changing as you’re moving away (this has been a gradual process) from earthly matters to more spiritual ones and this implies a fairly tough change and choice to be made within the environment of the people who are close to you.  What was will soon no longer be and if you find yourself struggling with this, talking it out (would you now?) to some therapist, counsellor, woman friend close to you would probably help.  Other than that, it’s all looking very rosy, even by your own glasses’ standards.

I believe indeed, Alan, mate, that what was isn’t worth lingering over except to shed light and understand the motivations of those who might have behaved in an over-greedy manner at your expense and try and understand it, but don’t ruminate over it for too long because situations like these only need analysed and understood in order not to get trapped by others like these in future, but otherwise, move on.  Emotional resilience is a key component of who you are, so use it.

Now, I love it when people’s fears – you here, Mr. Carr – show a very soft and unexpected side to them.  I sense that you fear nothing more than close relationships because you’re afraid to lose them so you don’t let others get overly close to you, simply because sooner or later, so you believe, they’ll go.  Now, that’s not fair on others or on you, Alan, because we all go through some hurt in our lives and just as sensitive as some of us may be, we all must move on from any past hurt and open our heart (let go of your tissues, folks, I hate seeing tears on me stage) rather than close it or else, what would be left for us to do if we can’t be human?

I can see you wish for peace and quiet at the moment, Mate and you’d be right to think that meditating and taking a break will have the tide of creativity and new inspiration flow to the surface of your consciousness.  Spirituality is the way to go for you at this point in time.  There are novel ideas being born every other second in your creative mind and they can’t be let loose for too long, so capture them and let us know about it, Alan.

For now, it seems that your barriers are down and that throwing caution to the wind is your choice.  It may also be that your sensitivity isn’t being respected and that strong, stubborn personalities around you are robbing you of your energy.  Not only this, but those over-emotional reactions from tough blokes around you isn’t healthy for you and you should ignore them as well as make sure that they vent whatever it is they feel like venting and ranting about isn’t aimed at you because this has nothing to do with you at all.

I think it is very inspiring to see how you rose to being true to yourself out of the ashes of a traditionally smouldering bleak environment.  I’m just in stupid awe at that and wish that they were many more people like you around.

Right now though, your strength and intuition are highlighted and there appears the idea that you’re wishing to spend some money on yourself which, for you, means creating more creativity, duh.  You’re thinking of new fun shows to be had and opportunities for young people without much prospect to have a go at comedy through cheaply and readily available quality theatre education.  You go, Mate!  I’d go for it too if it were all to be redone this side of the planet.

For now, rest you can have as well as fun.  Fun is highlighted not only through your regular TV appearances but through family and friends who wish for nothing more than a piece of you for no other reason that you’re the regular light and soul of the party without what might be implied by your charismatic funds attracting abilities, intellectual property rights, text editing and censorship (surely there’s no censorship in Britain, huh?)

Your next show will be about the middle man for whom nothing works out and whose about to end it all for good when ‘Eureka!’, inspiration strikes and he rises from his own ashes in unexpected and hilarious ways; can’t wait for that one.  In the meantime, Chatty-Fairy-Toothy-Boy, I’ll follow your advice on doughnuts: “You’ve gotta do it with the doughnuts” not because I’m fat but because it really sounds like it is the soft-centered option I need.

Thanks in advance for a couple of tickets to your next show (the one with Chris Hemsworth, Kylie Minogue and Obama).