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Good Day, Folks!

That’s right guys & girls, ladies & gentlemen (for some of you), you understood right: once again, today we’re concentrating on funny people.  It’s just that time of the year, I guess, ya know?  Nights getting longer, pays getting smaller and Rosie slurping spaghettis the way a horse chews a mouse: you can hear the slurp and the crunch but you can never forget the sound of it going down one’s throat.

So to compensate for hard, sad and dark times (no, I’m not depressed but if any of you folks looks like Santa, then give us a buzz), we might as well bring on the podium of fame, fun and frangipanis another one of o’them folks who are known for no other one reason than they are hillllllll-a-riot and today this is Aisling Bea, or might it be Ailing Bee?  Da joke’s on me.  Who cares?  Fact is, she’s young, healthy and masters the art of being born under all of the astrological signs in the one bag.  Born in 1984, there appears to be no other details on the day and month of Aisling’s birth and this is why I can only conclude that she’s an all-encompassing woman, whatever this may or may not mean.  In a nutshell, she’s a funny folk.

Here are the three cards drawn for you, Miss Busy-Bea.

Wheel of Fortune (X) – Fool (XXII ) – Temperance (XIIII)

That’s the thing with being still young, Missa-Bea, there’s plenty ahead of you.  With the Wheel of fortune and the Fool next to one another, chances are that, for you, things are moving forward and changing very rapidly at this point in time and that travel is highlighted.  There are signs of strong choices to be made and wisdom, ah wisdom, needs applied.  Love is knocking at your door if it hasn’t already and this is where the crunch may come: having to be on the constant move for show attendances as your public awaits you.  It’s about how to strike balance.  You needn’t be afraid of it, just don’t let worries creep in too obnoxiously and take the necessary time to withdraw and think of your craft and your life and how you want to mix & match them to your heart’s and everyone else’s contentment.

You’re a lucky and fortunate lady, with brains & beauty (I mean you just have to take one look at the likes of Rosie and be forever happy of who you are and what you look like).  Let us not stray…  you’re fortunate because all is showing up as a success and this appears in the heart of the question asked which to me seems to say that I don’t really need to do a reading for you (except I need – sorry, require – a couple of tickets to your next show*).  Any conflicts you may have been experiencing – if any – is resolving happily and all around your professional life and home life is looking PRET-TY good.

In the area of your fears and negative influences, there are no surprises, life is carrying you gently on to other and better things and so long as you accept the changes coming happily, all will be well.

In your wish and hopes, it is clear that you will never put up with anyone who is overbearing or who might attempt to control you in any way.  This may also be related to conventional situations which you dislike very much.  No, you hate them.  You’d kill the God damned square-but-not-fair situations if the opportunity was there to shoot them in the butt.  But you’re not like that, are ya?  Anything that gets you feeling stuck: an idea, a person, a situation and you get onto your better-get-the-fuck-on-the-move-&-onto-something-better horsey.

Currently, a brand new creative opportunity may be presented to you or you’re going to get a brand new idea/concept over how to broaden your craft’s spectrum.  It seems that this opportunity is excellent but that it may not bring the financial results with it, at least not immediately.

In your past, Ais-linga-ling, it is apparent that you’ve always been an artist with plenty an idea to work with and whose sense of play, imaginative skills and energy are endless.  It looks like up until now, your craft has always taken first place before anything or anyone else and I believe this is soon to change as love will make its way through your heart – ah romance, hmm, err…  It even seems that to begin with, you’ll reject this new love coming and/or that you will not see it as love.

Well, there might come times (in the next year or so) when you won’t feel so fit and so full of beans… dunno, may be you don’t eat well enough or you just over-exert yourself generally and you should take care to look after your physical/health needs a little more.  Your passion to perform and be creative may dominate you and you are required to heed this stance as your batteries may be running on low or empty; nothing serious but do take your vitamins, Bee-Sling, Ma’am.

I suggest you select one opportunity at a time and don’t chew more than you can swallow, or you may choke onnit and ya know it’s simply isn’t worth the trip, so take your time and look into your mind’s eye a second time before over-committing to many a thing you don’t need in your life.

Your next show will have all the hallmarks of your wild creative streak, spirit and energy brought together for a full one and a half to two hours of absolute pandemonium about people who can never take a rest (interesting projection, huh? – just sayin’).  There might be plenty of jokes about Jesus walking on water and the Irish trying the same, as well as descriptions of bad sex occurring and rabbits being buried for it.  The entire performance will be told in a known and recognised EU language that has nothing to do with Frodo’s, Gollum and Gandalf’s native languages, we got that.

BTW, folks, you have Rosie’s greetings: she’s taken a trip inside the toaster (yes, she’s still in the kitchen).  How did she manage that?  Well, you know I don’t have a tiddly-tiny-thought-form idea of her reasoning and abilities so why d’you even ask?


*Reiterating:  PL-ease, could you muster a couple of tickets for us to your next show?  Thanks, you’re a darl.