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Good Day, Folks!

Righteo, it’s a change of tune for today as we’re back onto singers and musicians.  This time, it’s Billie Joe Armstrong, born February 17, 1972, one of the most eclectic, eccentric and electric Aquarian of all times, no exaggerations intended.  Aaaaahh, Sir Armstrong of the never-ending-music-lobe.  Yeah right, I did say ‘lobe’, ‘cause it’s much better than ear and ‘cause, anyway, if music hangs by a part of your body, it’s not by your ears but by your ear lobes as Rosie explained (email her for a detailed explanation).

I drew three cards for you Sir Billie-J.

Wheel of Fortune– High Priestess– Moon

From these, I conclude that…  but let’s start by the beginning.  With the wheel of fortune, it very much feels as if everything is going faster than necessary in your life, at this point in time.  Not that you mind ‘cause you just luv that type of energy.  All is changing fast and irremediably and it lifts your spirits up.  What can I add to that?  Well, with the High Priestess, or, as I like to call her, the ‘Popess’ (if there’s a Pope, then there’s a Popess.  Correct me if I’m wrong).  Lost track of my first thought here.  O.  Here ‘tis, with the Popess in toe, and with all those speedy changes in your life, you need to keep your partner close to you and make sure you communicate absolu-te-lu-tely EV-ERY-THINGY to her so that she can follow you and your whereabouts.  She loves you even if she doesn’t say it as often as you’d like to hear it.  Besides, who’s a real sooky baby in his spare time, when all else fails to attract, huh?  I don’t believe you, Mate, you’re truly one of a kind.  No wonder your wife won’t give in to your constant emotional blackmail.  You drive her nut, that’s what.  Even I could do a better job.  Anyways, if you want me advice, read my lips as they read the Moon card: take her on a trip where there’s none of your music and where you can muse at each other’s entrails to your heart’s desires if that’s what you’re about.  Ya know what I mean.  She needs the passion, to feel she’s a woman, the yearning, the longing, the aaaahing and stuff, even if she got pregnant again.  Trust me, I’d know all about a woman’s needs if I were for real.  You’ll thank me for this.

There are two issues at stake in your life: your monster, unstoppable energy that needs a constant outlet.  It’s a vicious circle in that sometimes, you need to find some other way to release that energy.  I mean music and wild parties are one thing, but releasing that energy to not end up but all burned out is another.  And two, your wife and the wise woman that lurks within you, the one with the amazing sparks of intuition, need listened to and cared for, I mean nurtured to their best, in order for you to improve what needs improved here.  Got it?  Good.

Gee, Joe, you’re even funnier than I thought.  So you fear showing your emotions more than anything else in life?  Naaah.  Surely not.  You fear showing how deeply in love you still are with your partner and how you sometimes you long for quiet times at home, without fans, booze and pebbles in your toe… just the two of you, with or without kids…  It’s funny that this should come in your negative influences.  Possibly, you long for all that stuff but fear it may stop the hard punk-butt image you wish to keep.  What a predicament, huh?  You deal with it mate.  Take your own advice: it’ll be your best shit to date.

As to your wishes, these are all intentionally-pooey-goody-good-good in an admirable and charitable way.  You wanna give and give away?  Go for it.  There’s nothing stopping you.  We need more people like you, people who are willing to teach outside the beaten track, teaching music without the need to learn how to read music for example, and so on.  I admire that and I’ll hire you personally when you think you’re ready for me punkside manners.  After all, education should be like the Pink Floyds pointed, ‘another brick in the wall’, not to mention your own quotes: ‘school is practice for future life, practice makes perfect and nobody’s perfect, so why practice?’ Or ‘there’s nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it’.

Currently, you wish to fix and repair whatever’s just gone a little wrong in your life and not be selfish about it.  I’d suggest you look at the paragraph above where your fears of all things close and lovable are highlighted and do something about it, huh?

In your past, very clearly, the early disappearance of your father marked you to this day but already and fortunately, your Dad had helped plant the seeds of your creativity and the unabashed nurturing of your talents and needs by your family are what made you what you are today.  Yes, fate has something to do with it too but I can’t explain it as I only read cards, so if you must, contact Rosie for a detailed explanation on the how’s and intricacies of fate v free will.

Now, whatever you do and apply yourself to doing is marked by success.  So please, Joe, fuck, don’t let the better of the devil-you-should-have-known-better get the better of you and get your acts together, will ya?  Attend to what needs attended in your private life and show us, show ‘em you’re one hell of a devil-who-knows-better ‘cause that’s what it’s all about.  I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about but, in reading this, you should.

What I can suggest and emphasise for you, is to let your strong drive and instincts take over your body and soul and act entirely spontaneously and not bring any forethought into it ‘cause it’s just not like you and that’d be precisely when things go wrong for ya.  You’re not one to want and wait and do nothing about nothing ‘cause you’d have been thinking so much about it.  Nope.  So get onto your horse and get going into action.  Get that generous project of yours under way, you’ll feel great about it and it may get your Ma’am closer to you again.  (It’s one way to do it, I tell you).

As to your next song, the one in your head that hasn’t been put onto paper yet, I know for a fact (you may quote me in future, if you happen to read this) with confidence it’s gonna be about women who burn the candle at both ends, for the sake of those women living and ending it all quickly but with some spark and gusto.  It may involve dragging drag queens into it and that makes it all the more interesting for me.  I’ve always dreamt of dressing up with a dress, fishnet stockings and high heels.  Maybe your song will teach me something and I might let go of my fears too and become more obnoxious by the same token as well.

Hope you enjoyed your reading, Billie.  Don’t forget my barely whispered wish for a couple of tickets to your next concert!  Yo, you rock, thanks!

Good Day Folks!