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Good Day, Folks!

Here’s another fun guy to talk about: Sir Seth Rogen, born on 15 April 1982 – yes, we have a date of birth today, finally! – a fiery, funny and flamboyantly gifted Aries.  I hear you, what do you have to achieve to become a flamboyant Aries?  Easy-Turdy-Peasy: you just have to be Seth or be one who wants to live a funny life living funny things.  Like I always say: what’s the point in taking things the wrong way if you can make fun of it, huh?  Duh.  So long as you’re not at war, have enough to eat and a roof over your head, then why bother to squeeze and suck your nipples any more than necessary?

Rosie’s still tightly popped on her straw chair, although no longer gagged as she’s looking at a video on the soon to be launched karmic particles into the giant cauldron at the ECRN (European Cauldron for Research on Nether-worlds), not far from here.  Yep, it’s all happening for us: soon, you’ll be able to request meaningful and aiming-deep-in-the-butt readings from us while we sleep, and as our brain activity will be directly linked to yours, just like US phones are hard wired and connected to the soon to be defunct (so goes the liquefying rumour) No-call-me, Stop-call-me  Ass-Oseeia-shun, as in : (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVBsypHzF3U)

Three cards for you, Sir Seth:

Tower + Star + Magician

Nice one, Seth.  Tower is a surprise, a shock, some emotional shock and renewed creative activity.  It can mean two of very different things and I’m led to believe both are valid.  I’ll leave the first one aside as this is to do with your personal life.  Second one is how your personal life affects how you feel about your work and creates more opportunities for you to feel empowered and ever more willing to tackle all ideas that come to you.  There’s plenty of work around you, for sure, and, as opposed to many of us, (I’m not lazy, I just like to sleep, eat popcorn and watch movies a lot), you embrace your work and welcome more than you can chew, regardless.  This creates some situations which will have you move on with your life and make you do what you feel must be done.  Your passion for your craft is all encompassing.

The heart of the matter, at this point in time, is for you to decide what must be decided and go with the flow.  Life is what it is and perhaps, ‘tis best to grab what it has to offer ‘cause you’re still young, because you can’t help it and that’s just how it feels.  Truth is, it’s never too late so enjoy it, but if that’s too hard, then focus on your work and let life happen ‘cause you can’t control your life as much as you can control what you do with your craft.

Seth, Mate, reason you’re best to dive shit deep into your work is that you’re very logical and you can detach yourself from what you feel and from your emotions really, really, well in order to rationalise them and put them on paper, with care, love, fun and deadpan accuracy and observational skill.  I know you may not like the comparison to another Jew styled hair head but it can’t be helped, please allow me: I see you as the younger, plumper version and just as witty-wordy pooping tyrannosaurus as da Woody Spasmostic Allen.

There are indications that you wish to use all the tricks in your bags to create satisfying bits of scripts.  This fills you with delight and a sense that your life is fulfilled with just that.  You don’t like, however, to put on a show to please people you like and love to be yourself and people have to take you as you are.  Good on ya!

Right now, you may be going through a time where you’re not quite sure where you’re threading when it comes to relationships and you feel blind.  There are reasons for it.  May be you’re can’t feel what you feel deep down because you’re so busy feeling what others might feel that you don’t have time to look at your own subconscious.  Perhaps you worry too much anyway.  You don’t feel good acting the way you’re acting right now, yet, at the same time, you’re just doing what you know best: living life to the full.

Your past demonstrate a happy struggle into the world of movies and writing, passion for your craft being encouraged and promoted at all levels.  Your creativity is nothing short of wild and fun.  In spite of your being still young, there isn’t much anyone can teach you as you know the ropes of the world you evolve in pretty well already.  You’ve been lucky too.

Going for you are the help of loyal and friendly older people.  There is also a feeling that your inherent competitivity, the one that makes you shy and weary at times, is worth its load of gold as you need to feel pushed in order to move forward with your craft.  I say this because without this competitive streak inside you, you wouldn’t do so well.  It is said that it isn’t healthy to compare yourself to others in your field if you want to improve, but in your case, it is the basis of what pushes you forward and be successful.  So yeah, be jealous, be envious and do think that you can do better than ‘them’ because you CAN.  Yo!

Me advice to you for today, Sir Bog-me-down-not, is to let your finances being handled by more able hands than yours (don’t take it personally, even if it is personal, ya?) and concentrate on the good stuff, the impulsive and instinctive creative bits you wish to attend to 27 hours a day.

Finally, as we’re coming to your next endeavour, I believe that you’ll write and possibly direct and/or act in a movie where a young man has some accident and doesn’t know any longer who he is and can’t concentrate for any length of time.  He’ll be putting pieces of his life together in a hilarious manner and he’ll end up remembering all the good stuff and ignore (unconsciously?) all the bad bits (such as robbing banks, lying compulsively and cheating on his numerous ex-wives).

If we could be part of the show seeing crowd, not to mention the making of it, do let us know, Sir Setho-Seth-Seth, just as presumptuous and arrogant as this may sound, ‘cause we’re good at cracking the code of non-sense too, believe it or not.

Hope you enjoyed this reading.