Good Day, Folks!

How’s you in 2014?  Still sobering up and slobbering?  Well, wake up will ya?  It’s da 6th day into the New Year for Jolly God Damn sake’s!  The End may be near… Do something!  Us?  O’course we’re doing something about it if you must know: we’ll be back in Oz in 2014, (as promised to Rosie, remember?), before the End-that-is-near-and-Looming catches us unaware and because Eternity awaits us down under.

As to our sheep, today we will be dealing with the ‘Lucky You’ Queen of flagrance and forsaken words: Jaime Pressly!  This indeed is the third woman in the lot I’ll have predicted stuff for whom I’d like to marry.  Shhh…  So full of shitty words and THAT pretty…  All the better.  Please don’t tell her or Rosie, I’ll let Jaime know in due course.

Jaime is a splendid foul mouthed Leo (in the movies that is), born on 30 July 1977 and for that outcome to have arisen, Mercury rising babbling with an uncontrollable Aries moon and Sun angles may have been present at birth, although there’s no guarantee as I’m only guessing and cards, not planets, are me specialty even if most of the time, much wilderness-guessing is implied and/or used.

I drew three cards for you:

Magician + High Priestess + Hermit

Hey, woman-of-many-words, how funny is this?  You’re full of ideas and very creative…  however, the personae you project onto any stage is extremely different from what is shown.  Deceiving appearances are the norm here.  The outer and super-extraverted being you have on offer on the outside is highlighted as you being very different on the inside.  I know, it’s called a good actress, but it’s not just because you’re good on stage that you’re a good at acting, but also because who you are is so, so, so, so, so… did I say ‘so’? different from the characters you inhabit.  There are many women in you: the actress, the bread winner, the teacher, the talk-fast-don’t-care-what-comes-out-of-me-gob, the lady, the mother, the intellectual, the… right, fine, I’ll shut up, happy?

Yet, you don’t have a multiple personality disorder (unlike .. um, let’s avoid the subject).  Your passionate nature is tempered by a strong ability to remain cool under pressure and think before you speak, believe it or not… I’m telling you this because although you may know it, I and folks out there didn’t realise who you are to its full extent and it’s just lovely…  did I say lovely?  Nah, not turning into a wet turnip… besides, what’s wrong with cheap sentiments?

Hmm, currently, Ms Press-Lily of the Lily-pad-pond, your heart may be bleeding, wanting nothing more than your spirit to be fed by all things spiritual, meaningful and that speak of truth.  You may be willing to give it all up for the greater good and purpose of your richly creative soul.  There’s that much more to you than meets the eye, and if you feel like giving it all up to retire as a Tibetan monkess (yeah, monkey is to monkeyess as monk is to monkess, got it, you dumb-pinched goblin?)

Ma’am, I’d like to add that it feels as if a lack of enjoyment of the right type may have led you to the uneasy feeling that you can’t see any truth in what you do and what people say to you and making you seek sincere nurturing of your soul as well as a different path.

Indeed, seeking betterment within and no selfish pursuits in the acting world is what you really, really, want (thank Allah for the Spice Girls).

There is a strong sense of unfairness and disillusionment around you which you don’t wish to have to deal with any longer, as if there was no worth in all that surrounds you.

In your past, Jaime, there was a fair amount of volatility, as if you couldn’t see where you were headed for a long time, as if you stepped on chance without knowing where it may lead, as physical activities were highlighted when in fact, and already then, your soul longed for stronger intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

However, all things a little unhappy having been considered, there’s great energy, imagination and creativity available to you and there’s really nothing stopping you from using all your combined talents (acting, love of foul words, imagination, political skills, as un-political as you may appear) to get you moving on and forward to lead you where you, and only you, wish to go.

Me advice to you for now is to stop and focus on the moment and your everyday slowly to soak in your needs, accept them and decide what must be decided.  Yes, and if you need to look at the past and consider what you feel you may have lost, do so but only in moderation as not all is lost, far from it, and what may not be any more hides what still is and can still be gotten, if not much, much more.

As to your next endeavour, it fits right in with what I transmitted to you above: open up, ‘feel the feel’ and give what you wish to give others through charitable acts of kindness, generosity… it won’t feel like hard work ever more or like you’re walking backwards.  This means I’m not seeing any more movies or TV series – for 2015 and beyond – in store for you ‘cause you need to be a hermit for a while.  Move on and do what your heart longs for, Ma’am and if you prove me wrong, then please, do send us a couple o’tickets, wontcha?

Hope you enjoyed this reading.