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Good Day, Folks!

How are you doing?

Today, we’re reading for Giuseppe Leonardo Gorduinitto-Levitt, born on 17 February 1981, one of the few rare Aquarians who looks like one and for whom I’ve done readings.  As ya all know, he comes from that rock somewhere off the Sicilian Moon (like most Aquarians do, or so I’ve heard) and that makes him stand out in looks, personality and life path.  Sorry, I’m being yelled it’s not ‘Giuseppe’ but Joseph.  There.  Happier?

Three cards for you, me little friend:

Pope – Judgement – Temperance

First of all, Giuseppe, it seems that there are many strong hesitations on your part.  Which way to go? To conform or not to conform?  Zat is ze quest-shion.  You feel stuck and not stuck, as if the only way forward were forward, because backward and now are simply out of the question.  What a predicament!  Phew!  Haven’t I just enlightened you with clear and intuitive information you didn’t even ask for?  I’m zat generous, yo!  Enough of that particular nonsense, here’s more of it but in a different form: there’s a surprise for you: some analysis that bears fruits and/or comes to fruition in an inspiring way for you… some new endeavour for which you don’t/didn’t expect to become successful.  This will pave the way to bigger, bolder and stronger independence for you as well as cheer up those around you who need cheered up and get them closer to you.  Don’t worry; your current concerns aren’t of any real concern if I may put it this way.

Hey, Gordon, you know what?  You’re your own worst enemy.  If you didn’t exhaust yourself the way you do at present, you’d feel like you can ‘see’ again and be able to plan in the manner you’re accustomed to.  Get real and get some sleep.  That’s all there is to it.  And stop speaking French in your dreams ‘cause you can’t have that croissant for breakfast unless you go to a French bakery and ask for a ‘croissant’, not a ‘croizante’ or a ‘croashian’.  Trust me on this.

Now, zat is zoooo interesting, Joey.  Your fears come as fear of surprises and fear of surprising women?  Or women who surprise you?  Or creative women who surprise you?  Dunno.  Whichever way this is supposed to come out, you’re meant to understand it and take stock.  In a way – so sorry, with all due respect – you’re an idiot.  Not really, but in a way, as I said, and that’s becauze.  What waz I zaying?  O.  Yes.  You’re an idiot because you’re currently having too much control over what happens in your life and it’d be just good for you to let go of the reigns a little bit and let surprises surprise you for the sake of it.  Enjoy it too!!!  Wink.

Indeed, you need to sit still for a while, or lie down and sleep.  Ponder, consider and wonder… zat’s all there – sorry, that’s – all there is to it.  Get yourself back into your inner garden of beauty and zen in (like zoom in) and let yourself be overwhelmed by the fucking beauty of it all, let your emotions come to the surface and be hellishly inspired.  That’s you told.

Hey, Levitt-Man, there’s no fear to be had.  I mean, you’re not going to be defeated.  Sure you need to fight and be prepared for whatever comes your way but no need to be overly on the defensive.  All will be well, I can assure you.  Trust me.  Or not.

It is clear that you come from a nurturing environment and that this makes you a contented individual, one who may seem aloof to all those ladies’ needs and wants.  Nah.  No lady needs you.  You’re engaged in the pursuit of noble pursuits (how well put is that, huh?) and that’s that.

You’re a blue man.  A swords’ man.  I’m talking symbols here.  You think before you feel, always and your partner or potential partner is/will be just like you.  It’s a good feel because you’re both capable to analyse things and overanalyse them to such an extent that no one gets hurts and the relationship goes on and on and on and…. happy Merry you and her!!

To finish – almost – this off, my advice for the next twelve months to you is to take a break or short breaks all along – throughout your numerous activities – and give your body, especially your spinning mind – a good holiday.  It’ll refresh those parts of you you’ve forgotten you have.

As to your next endeavour, I feel that trips, long trips, walking trips maybe? are here to inspire you and renew your creativity.  Two paths are going to open up or you’re considering a movie much like ‘sliding doors’ where two people – possibly twins – take a different path in their life only to end up in the same place with the same outcome.  Something like this.  Some weird science, something with two keys.  Sorry for the confusion, you keep your secrets well and I can’t decipher more than the cards will allow me to.

Hope you enjoyed this reading.


PS:  Pssstt!  Hey, Gordon-Man, a couple of tickets to your latest movie with Scarlett Johansson would be nice.  Please, of course.