Good Day, Folks!

Today, we’re working on the unbelievably, utterly cool actress: Ruth Wilson of the amazing world of great and grand chameleons.  Born on 13 January 1982, we have a Capricorn before our eyes.

It is with great excitement that I read the cards for you today, Ruth, as you are not aware of it.  Now, since you said: “What really excites me is the unknown, and getting to grips with something you have no idea about”, I shall be able to predict your future without any guilt as you welcome the new, the exciting and the unexpected into your life.

–           Feralbulb, since when have you ever felt any guilt?

–           Rosie, where the fuckdom hell do you come from?

–           It ain’t an issue, brother, what matters is that I’m here to haunt you, to taunt you and to gauge your eyes out.


–           Have you got the return tickets to Oz yet?

–           Oh, that’s what it’s all about, is it?  ‘There’s no place like home’, huh?  Here, in my pocket.

Feralbulb handles a small file to Rosie.  As she opens it, her eyes light up, the skin on her face brightens and she walks towards the kitchen for a cuppa.  Feralbulb, as is customary, locks the kitchen door behind Rosie.

–           Phew!  That was a clause shave with doom, wasn’t it folks?

Here: three cards for dear Ruth:

High Priestess, Emperor, Star

Ruthy, Ma’am, you’re working extremely hard and you love it.  You thrive in such environment and your craft is your love, your partner, your reason to be.  Thing is, you’re taking on too much at the moment.  You may enjoy good health for now but you need to take care: just because you don’t like to be organised, needn’t mean that you become overwhelmed by your choice of work and its load.  There’s a man around you who isn’t fair and who has a slight advantage over you.  You may be used to not letting any man get to you but this one you need to heed.  One way of doing this is to submerge yourself with your crafty endeavours and that of others.  Still, me point is, take another six months off if you need to or two days at worst, but think about your body.  Anyway, it’s good to see you’re keeping busy with what you enjoy most and that your soul can only survive in an environment that requires your full commitment and your spirited approach.  Acting is your church.  There aren’t two people like you, and boy oh boy, don’t you know it.

You know, Ruth, the way to go for you, as you’re already considering, is to get writers to write those plays for you.  You could do it too, write plays, series, movies where you could make the roles more interesting for women and play in ‘em.  There’s a long life ahead of you, plenty to do, plenty more.  Get organised – at least a little bit – and get going.

Now, as we’ve seen before, there’s this dispirited man around you who needs rest.  Don’t let him pull you down into his black hole of torment  and whatever else it is that is dragging him down (be it a vacuum or a one eyed-monster from under his bed) as he doesn’t deserve it.

At present, it seems you wish for instinct to take over and you don’t want to think.  You’re a natural born thinker and therefore, all you want to do is to let your drive and guts lead you as your brain doesn’t need much effort to remember anything nor deliver any line.  It’s how you make people feel with your acting as well as how you feel about it doing it the way you do it.  I could have punched Rochester in the face for not telling you he was already married.  Likewise, like Luther did, I’d give my life to make you come out of that prison/mental institution by throwing one or two apples at you.  Keep going like this Ma’am, one day I’ll get behind the TV screen and ask for your hand in front of billions of couch potatoes.  I’d like to talk about you and how good you’re at drama on stage, but you haven’t sent me the expected tickets just yet; maybe I should have asked for them.  That’s you told, now.  PL-EASE?

Once again, we have this man around you whom you become more aware of.  Don’t let him tug at your feelings.  With him, you can only and must keep your head on your shoulders at all time.  Not that you’d have any trouble doing this, just that you need to be aware of it.

On your past, I’ve this motto that comes along: ‘no interference from life out there, just act’.  Love and some forms of fun you shut from your life at some point in order to do what you do so well.  Also, there’s only one like you, so any suitor would have to embrace you as a whole, as the larger than life person you are.  Men are attracted to you, they fear you – not I, only Rosie scares the hell out of me – they think you’re awesome and put you right up there on a pedestal.  Only men who misbehave would interest you… but I digress.  Will you marry, Ruthy, me lovely?

I understand: there’s not much time, life is short, let’s get down to what’s important (did you even listen to what I said earlier? You’ve plenty of time ahead of you to do all that you want).  You’ve also a generous soul.  It may be that you wish to be charitable in some way, look after those who have less than you financially or possibly teach.  Whatever it is you wish to do from that perspective, please do it if it makes you feel good and if it doesn’t mean you’re overextending yourself more than really necessary, time wise.

I believe that you will overcome whatever predicament is holding you with this unsecure and uncertain man who is around you.  You won’t let it get to you fully even if at times you’ll feel defeated.  Don’t.  There’s a more sincere bloke coming along and this, right after the jerk (sorry but this is who he is) who is in your mind is extracted from your heart.

As I see it, your next endeavour will have to do with a lost soul…  a woman who roams the earth in search of her identity and dreams she isn’t allowed to have and who, in many ways, chases her tail as her identity resides home, as one day she realises that she can travel within… not a new idea but with you playing it, it’ll feel like it.

Hope you enjoyed this reading.