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Good Day, Folks!

Today’s reading is that of Allan Stewart Konigsberg, born on 1st December 1935, a mouthful of a name for a man of low height whose work is that of a GIANT.  Jupiter musta been aligned in some healthy configuration to endow Allen-Woody-Man with so many gifts and loves.

First of all, don’t you worry: Rosie is on a mission to save stray dogs in the area.  It’s her new goal, her new lease on life and now that she’s got her return ticket to Oz, she should be giving us some space and peace.

So, Wood-Knock-Man, here your three cards for today:

Devil – Tower – Justice

These are very strong cards to get together you know?  Dramatic.  Powerful.  Life altering.  Fortunately, drawing minor arcana cards on top of them mellows the outcome, else I’d be concerned and not do this reading.  Clearly, there is an issue at stake in your life which requires all your strength and passionate involvement in order to sort it out.  It has legal implications.  Stick to your beliefs and follow the rules of what must be done to set the situation right again regardless of what the consequences are.  It actually makes you sick so please allow me to repeat: stick to what you believe, what you know and see is the truth and there’s no moving backward from this point onwards.

On another note, and fortunately this time, it seems that luck is on your side and that following your heart’s desires and your imagination is still the way to go.  You are faced with many choices and opportunities and the difficulty – I mean, far out Man, do you even know the meaning of ‘dif-ffffffi-cult-y’? or is my trying to make it hard for you to read not challenging enough?  I was saying: you’re faced with too many choices: some will yield results, others won’t.  I guess for you, it doesn’t matter if one of the choices falls flat on its face as you can try something else.  What’s the point to this paragraph?  Dunno, really.

In your fears, weirdly, funnily, unbelievably, we have the fear of earning too much being indicated and which could lead you to being overly generous with charities as well as you’re being too smart and too level headed for your own good…  What is there to say?  Be crazy, let your hair down or what’s left of it and don’t spend too much promoting the new state laws on pot in Colorado.

Your wishful thinking is presently working overtime: you wish not to be presented with ‘false’ opportunities so as not to waste precious time.  Also, there is a sense of your longing for times past, when nothing was as fast as today and when communication was limited to parchments left floating in bottles across oceans.  Go figure.

Hey, Woody-of-da-Woodstock-Wonder, ya know what?  I can see you’re no longer wanting to play the patriarch, the one whose advice is the wisest (have you ever been that way? really? Duh).  You want – still do, always will – passion and let yourself being carried by life.  It shows in your movies.  You’ve always been ahead of your time and always have been led by living in the present, being mindful of the now despite your memory stretching to remember back and beyond before and despite your longing for past, fleeting moments.

On your past, we have the word ‘conflicts’ highlighted, that of conflicts that intertwined with other conflicts which – for quite a while for you – seemed to be stuck in the ‘unresolvable’ mode for eternity.  For a long time you let your subconscious mind lead the way you thought which worked out really well for you.  In fact, your subconscious mind was so powerful it overtook whatever you may have been thinking then to transmute it into intelligent creativity.  In other words, you’ve never had to think ‘cause your thinking thought for itself all by itself.  Smart, ain’t it?

These days, there’s no more of that feeling of being lost into the complicated meanders of your own twisted and twistful brain ‘cause your life is all set and nicely organised.  In fact, whatever you do, there’s always plenty of luv around you and that’s all that matters, yeah?  And the prince married his princess.  That’s what I mean.

Me advice to you, Woody-Mate, is to keep the thinking going even if at times you wish to let yourself being carried by your instincts and spontaneity (did I suggest the opposite earlier? – blame the cards – nah, let me be more specific: thinking cap on in your private life – instincts on in your working life – got it?)  You need to be strong at this point in time.

Now, let’s get a good guess at your next movie, yeah, the one which you haven’t yet written but that is lurking with many a spark in the dark recesses of your madly enlightened brain: I think you’re gonna write some script about an unfair, ruthless and womanising man who knows how to fool anyone in his path, man or woman.  You’ll make it dramatic and funny all at the same time but it might end sadly as this man might end confronted by his wrong doings on women’s hearts.  No redemption please.  Let the bastard wallow in it.

Hope you enjoyed this reading.


PS: We long for some tickets here. no one is listening to our needy pleas for munificence…  PL-EASE?