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Good Day, Folks!

I agree: it smells like shit in here but what can you do?  Give Rosie some space and she gives us some back in return.  Can’t complain.  Never mind the 15 stray dogs she’s saved from the gutter wandering about.  No really, I don’t mind.  Hope you don’t either.  Besides, can you even smell anything?  Honestly.

Today, I’m reading for Sofia Carminator Domino Coppola born 14 May 1971, astro-sign: Taureador from the far far away Taurean constellation.  Fancy parents choosing names like these.  Fine with Sofia and with Coppulostic but Carminator?  Anyone with an explanation? (write to me)

Three cards for you, Ma’am: Justice + Tower + Judgment

No doubt about it: drama is the theme since last week.  With these cards, I feel you ought to keep going as you’re going until it hits you.  What hits you?  Well, a combination of small things that evolves into bigger things.  What exactly?  Gee, you ask too many questions.  Just try and make sense, surely there must be a selection of situations you can apply what I just told you, no?  It’s easy, really, listen:  with Justice, keep spirited even if you feel things aren’t currently going your way on the home front.  There’s no point in wondering and imagining.  Let it happen, it’s coming your way anyway (the Tower): it’s gonna hit you at work.  I mean, you’ll learn about it while you’re busy working on some stage.  You won’t feel too good about it but you’ll apply strength and willpower by remaining at your workplace and carry on as if nothing had happened even though, well, even though your heart may be broken.  Fortunately, the incredibly strong woman within will surge in power and make whatever decision needs to be made.  Travel will be considered.  You’ll want perspective on the whole fucked bug of a matter.  You don’t like to take some decisions…  don’t hesitate for too long and move on.  That’s all I have to say here.

It seems the main issue at stake are your hesitations.  What’s best to do?  To act or not to act?  To move on or to stay and swallow the damned pill?  Don’t get lost in translating what I’m trying to tell you.  You know what I’m transmitting to you here.  Read between the lines.  Be one of Rushdie’s midnight children and deal with it.  Right?

C’mon now, Domino, Domine, In Nomine Patris et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.  Follow your gut and if you feel blind and unable to see what the path is, just follow your gut.  And yes, indeed, it involves going out of the beaten track and not following conventional patterns.  That’s nothing new to you, why the drama?  C’mon Ma’am, when the time comes, just remember what I told you here.

What’s more, please remember not to brush things off under the carpet and carry on as if nothing happened by concentrating on your work as the burden will be too heavy for you to carry.  Sort out this personal business first and work hard if you wish but don’t work at the expense of your personal life at time of crisis.  Besides, you wanna look after your health too and consider taking some rest when it becomes necessary.  You’ll thank me: you’ll send me a couple of tickets for the premiere of your next movie release, wontcha?

Listen now, Sofia-Bella, look out for the young and the beautiful (and I don’t mean your own kids), look out for small cash that slips out of attention too.  Once you’ve spotted these elements around you, you’ll be better prepared.

It seems that in your recent past, you’ve wished to show more presence at home but that you’ve been unable to because of your work commitments and this is creating anxiety and working on your mind quiet frequently.

Currently, you don’t need to travel too far and you can attend to local business.  Also, there is great energy around you.  You feel as if you are the one feeling energetic and/or you have friends around you who are not only full of beans but who bring a very refreshing and welcome approach to life in your surroundings and you should take care to spend time with them.

Me best advice today, Carmelita, is to lay low and wait until this wave (say six months) has gone by and you’ve recovered from its powerful pull.  Presently, it is recommended that you be a mere observer of your life and see how it unfolds.  You have control over your work arena, but not so much of it at home, so take good care of yourself, lovely.

Quite tellingly, for your next movie, we have one which will deal with deception and the unjust resolution being brought to it.  The innocent becomes the criminal.  You’ll recreate an illusionary world with many a reality being unreal and vice-versa, bringing a pinch of David Lynch into the concoction: a weird and not quite wonderful world.  Zat’s it for today!

Hope you enjoyed this reading, Ma’am.