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Good Day, Folks!

How’s life today?  Me?  I?  Oh, thanks for asking.  Too good.  Yeah.  Truly.  Almost perfect… were it not for Rosie having adopted two stray dogs and deciding she’d take them with us to Ozland.  Honestly!  They’ve got though quarantine requirements down there.  One extraneous, superfluous wandering flee found in that fur of them doggies and it’s shoot to kill.  Yeah, precisely: flees and dogs.  There might be tears.

But hey, what does it matter since today we’re gonna do a reading about George Saunders, born 2 December 1958, a bow bending Sagittarian, fortunate, crack-the-crust-of-the-earth engineer converted to and mutated into a mind-bending writer, yeah, that breed that vomits words day in, day out and transforms their characters into caramel by cooking them after they’ve melted in the rain, them being made of sugar, a true hallucinatory fact.  Just do your research.

Righteo.  The cards drawn for you today, Georgey are:

Moon – Death – Strength:

It seems that you’ve been working very hard at your craft and that you need to slow down a little and take a break as you may be suffering from minor ailments such as general tiredness, aching bones and some sleep disorder.  Ah those long nights being inspired by your wild imagination and the stillness of your room, with an – illusionary or not – cigarette at the tip of your lips, there is a price to pay.  Is there a solution, a magical recipe?  Do consider long walks, good food and good bier, yeah.  ‘Cause thinking leads to more thinking and sometimes one’s brain waves get all muddled up and not producing the kind of thoughts that should be resulting from such valorous pondering.  It’s ok, do what must be done but try not to overdo it.  That’s all for these cards.

Hey, Sir S-S-S-Saunders: there’s no place like home.  You could have written this.  The Wizard of Oz I mean (hey, why not create a new, funnier version of it?)  You need and feel like you can only produce your best work when you’re home, within the smugness and warmth of family/friends around you and your preferred four walls.  This creates spontaneous youthfulness and fun ideas that help you be more productive.

However, the maintaining of relationships and spending time with those you love and like creates fear within you as you worry that time not spent in writing is counter-productive.  It creates conflict within you as you do sincerely value your relationships and you know all too well that once people are gone from your life, there’s no turning back whereas writing will always appear in some book here and there and behind a computer screen.  Aaah those Faustian writers’ choices: to love mortals for as long as it lasts or chose immortality of pen and paper?

Interestingly, there are times where you feel you enjoy threading on the unknown and experimenting.  Let the thinking and thinkers critic with all their might, you can’t stop it anyway, but letting your instincts take over and walking blind can be fun for you.  It opens possibility and once you’ve followed what you feel, often, you find yourself on top of that hill where you can allow your vision to scan the almost perfect infinity of the horizon.

Currently, Sir Saund-Ers, it seems as if nothing very new is happening on the relationship front but you’re not looking for this anyway.  You seem more interested in seeking the spiritual world to explore it.  It frightens you a little as it is a very powerful world from which there’s much to be learned and where some energies require protection from.  You understand much already and if you keep going that way, no doubt you’ll find more of the answers you seek.

It seems that life and its passionate ways wasn’t always kind to you, but that you’ve learned to harness those wild feelings and emotions that used to motivate you and that weren’t as inspiring as you’d hoped they’d be.  Now you know that stillness and the perfect calm of your room can bring the clarity you require to think about the instinctive nature of man and wild, out of control emotions.

Currently, your best bet for inspiration comes from unexpected people coming into your life, as well as unexpected events and actions that occur around you, and you meditating about it.

There is presently some new success being highlighted: enjoy it, you’re entitled to it even if this means not spending as much time with your close ones as you wish, once again.  And in case you wonder, just remember: your mission is to write and therefore reaping the benefits/profits from it is your entitlement as it provides you and others with proper leaving conditions and you do deserve to allow yourself the occasional pat on the back.  C’mon, leave your modesty in the cupboard for today.

Your next book, I think, and may I ask for a copy of it before I forget? Please? – might focus on friendships without emotional entanglements (read toxicity) nor any other forms of copulation (there might be more than one, I know not much about it… should I?) where the two characters realise at the end of their lives or at the end of the road (any road) that they can’t be without each other.  Sweet.  See George?  This combines your need to spend time with those you love with your writing, dontcha think?

Hope you enjoyed this reading.