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Heya Folks!

It’s that time of the week again: the one when I give that free reading for a celebrity while Rosie, still in the kitchen, concentrates on readings for the commoners, like you folks.  Here goes my modesty.  Who said I had any?  So if you must know and may be this will help you swallow the dreaded harsh reality pill: I’m not the one getting paid for what I do, Rosie is.  What’s da point then I hear you ask.  May be I get spotted as da best celebrity psychic and start earning a fortune?  Nope?  You don’t believe in me?  Well, my friend: be gone.  Yes, go and wallow in your brown gooey stuff.  Hate me as much as you like, you’re just another voice in me head.  Rosie!  Will you stop the dogs barking and let me concentrate on Miss Fenty’s reading? Gee, all that noise.

Ok, folks, sorry if I’m not pleasant today.  Just read on.  May be you’ll find some enjoyment.  Today, I’m reading for Miss Fenty, also known as Rihanna of the Robyn-hood round table.  Yes her, da beautiful lady, born 20 February 1988 – an Aquarian-missa, gifted and too big for me small me even considering doing a reading for.  But here you go.  I’ve gathered some bravado and drawn three cards:

Hanged Man + Devil + Moon

Cough.  Hmm.  Cough.  Miss, with all due respect, I think you should reconsider some work arrangements and not be trusting of some person(s) within your circle of close friends.  You actually can see very clearly through this and you need to act on it even if you don’t enjoy having to have that talk and face a battle head on.  Don’t let it get to you.  Remember: you’re free to think and act as you will so don’t let another person influence you on your projects.  You need to believe in your projects, they are a reality soon knocking at your door.

You may currently be in an introspective mood as you feel the need to stay out of the limelight and seek inspiration.  It is really important to withdraw from the world at times to seek some form of enlightenment to let your new ideas come to the surface like bubbles, unaltered by outside external influences.  You like to be creative?  So be it.

Such is life: be blessed child: how to get into a deeper relationship with a loved one when you can’t see an end to your work load.  Errr.  What can I say: break a contract, don’t let those around you dictate what must be done if all you want to do is eat pop-corns and strawberries with your current or soon to be boyfriend while watching Michael Jackson do its best to scare you as a Were-woof-woof.  I think you have too much respect for your work.  Be free and open your heart to your youth and the man-to-be in your life if you need to.

Quite tellingly, I feel that you’re soon might be choosing to break free from the music industry for a while, even if this means letting go of some lucrative contracts and seeking an army of lawyers to defend your choice and human needs.

Rihanna, Ma’am, your past shows as having been uncontrollable at times, unmanageable but that you, as a queen of upper creativity escaped unscathed from it all except when, like we’ve seen earlier, you feel the urge to break free and be a normal lay person in the same manner Lady Gaga might wish to do sometime.  Know what I mean?  No, I’m no example, Rosie is and so are her dogs (they do behave like humans: they bark when they want to, they sleep on a normal bed and no one expects them to poop outside the flat even though they do).

Ha!  Ha!  What did I say?  I feel very strongly now that you’re going to bring the necessary changes to let yourself be charmed by life and by what you need most: a lovely relationship that makes you feel as if you’d never sung before and like you’ve had a fresh coat of paint and the plumbing sorted out.  There’s definitely a frog-to-be-turned-into-prince around you and he shall enter your scene within the next six months.  You’ll let me know about it, wontcha?

I’d advise you to listen to the advice of a creative and very positive man around you who might help you make the choice you have in mind – but won’t admit to immediately – as only this man is sincere.  It’s easy, when and if you wish to break free to live a normal life for a little while, there’s only one man who will help you and encourage you towards that decision.  Anyone telling you the opposite and not truly listening to you in that way is to be ignored.  All righty, Ma’am? (and if you ever happen to think I might be this man, and even though I’d be overly flattered since I don’t qualify as a man, beware: I’m merely the fruit of virtual hallucinatory project).

Rihanna-na, be prepared for the newcomer in your life.  With him come the changes you don’t dare to expect at this point in time, shall I say any more?  That’s all here. BE PREPARED.

As to your next endeavour, I gladly announce that there’ll be none except that you’ll take the necessary time off to live the life you actually own to be yourself, enjoy your relationship and ponder about what your next step might be.  You’ll feel like the Good Girl Gone Gooder.  Enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed this reading.


PS: A couple of tickets for me and Rosie before you give it all up for the greater good would go a long way in making us feel like we’re wanted as your audience.  Please?  Thank you.