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Good Day, Folkeys!

Haaaa…  March.  Spring on this side of the planet.  Rosie has already switched to autumn but then, she’s who she is and that’s that.  We’re gonna have peace from Rosie you and I for da next two months: she’s packing up dust in large boxes: one speck of dust per box to be sure, to be sure.  It might cost a rocket, a packet and a fucket.  Who cares since she’s paying.

Today, we’re gonna visit shot-to-stardom-speck-of-star, Sir Peter Gene Hernandez.  Da ‘Buzz-Dez’ man of da day, also known as Bruno Mars, born on 8 October 1985, an airy monkey-head of the Libran constellation of Liberty.  Yes, you got it right man: he’s the one who put the Statue of Liberty where it is now, but don’t get me distracted.

Here are three cards for you, Bruno-Mate:

Well, with this combination, Mr. Men-are-from-Mars, it seems your life is taking a turn in an unexpected way.  There are changes, rapid changes taking place and you meet this woman (or she’s here already, right on your doorstep knocking) and she sweeps you off your feet – o’course women have been known to do this… it’s 2014, remember? – besides, women are witches, they’ve got ways of drawing rings around you without you ever knowing how and why – but they never seek me fortunately: I’m an ugly sort with reduced, shrunk body parts and it suits and serves me well.  So, if you thought your love life wasn’t going anywhere where you wanted it to go and if you felt that these fans were not fit to match your romantic songs’ material, then beware and be prepared: there’s da One coming and she’ll be there and everywhere and before you know it, you won’t be able to do anything without her or be anywhere without her.  Oooooo… sweet, sweet, sweet luv.  She’s da One for you, da One before the next.  Huh?  All righty, don’t worry; it’s all good in spite of my sarcasms.

I guess your big question for now is when will you feel like you’ve come home and that your well-deserved breakthrough as far as relationships are concerned will come upon you, Bruno-Man?  I reckon you need to keep grounded and give yourself some breathing space from work.  Just a few minutes per day, you’ll see.  You’ll sit on that chair for a break and ‘there will stood this beautiful honey with a beautiful body’ (Craig David,  Seven Days) will appear and you’ll want to repeat the experience again and again and again to the extent that seven days won’t be enough…  and you might opt for more repeats as in Ground Hog Day or in Fifty First Dates.

You seem to fear that you’re not moving forward and that family and friends and musicians (they’re a special breed) take all your time and that you can’t possibly fit in time for yourself and that you can’t meet that special soul of the never-never-really.

There’s no need to consider having to go away from it all to escape from your daily work burden.  There are other ways around it and you know it.  Give your thoughts a thought and revisit them in a more spirited way.  Get a rest/some sleep, it may be all what you need.

Strangely and interestingly too, although your past shows great creativity, (duh), there seems to have been a time when you felt very much defeated and I have trouble interpreting why.  Perhaps you feared being defeated so much that you overcame the odds by never being defeated.  Makes sense?  Nope.  Is there an astrophysicist in the room?  Never mind.

Currently, you need to defeat the enemy using evil and perfidious ways, in other words, be a two-faced bastard, just as awful and difficult this may sound – I can advise you about it if you write to me enclosing two tickets for one of your concerts (who’s a two-faced box jelly fish now?).  Don’t let the sooth-sayers and any interested party look after your wellbeing because with all their best intentions at heart, they’re doing the opposite.  Do what you feel you wanna do and must do, be it take that break and sip some silicon syrup on a chair so that you can meet that fated encounter I told ya about earlier.

Right now, let go of those who don’t have your best interest at heart even if they say so.  You’ll never lose everything ‘cause there always will be the friendship of your close family and friends with you as well as your soon to be better half.

Me last advice to you Bruno-Marzipan, is not to be too sweet.  Be prepared and walk da walk by not being overcome and overwhelmed by things which you think you can’t control when you actually can.  Put the business crown on your artist head and all will be well.

Me theory on your next album is that it’ll be all about love and sweet-things-sweet and that you might produce it all by yourself and not let those who tried to take your business away have any stake innit.  Besides, you’ll be surrounded by the pink halo of luv and all will be well.  Haaa.  Hmm.  Sweet.  Hem.

Hope you enjoyed your reading.