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Howdy Folks!

How are you going, kids?  Today, we’re going straight on to our subject since, as you know, Rosie’s busy and there won’t be any spooky disturbances of a third kind on her part.  This is about Grand Sir Wes Anderson who is a shining Taurus Moonrise mostly spotted in the Budapest constellation.  Why am I not talking about a woman when a post about one is due?  Well, for one, because I’m too excited and honoured to ramble on about Royal Wes and second, because it’s women’s international week and they’re getting all the attention they need already.  You did ask.

Righteo, now: Wes Anderson-Son, you’re born on 1st May 1969 as you might have realised by now and you’re the rising and shining star of my new found cinematic horizons.  I’ve startled to dig holes around my streets through my pacing in circles, longing for your next movie to be born, your next quote and whatever it is you might come up with.

So, on to you Anderson, Man.  Three cards:

Temperance – Fool – Pope

Wes, Man, a firm decision must be taken.  It’s all right to think and weigh in the pros and cons for a while but not for too long.  Indecision is the mother of un-creativity and this is where the fool steps in for you: do something, do what feels right and nothing will go wrong.  Be fair and be generous at it too.  Finance is no trouble so do what must be done and get to stay together (you know what I mean).  Besides, uniting your longing soul with another may reveal more fruitful than you imagine and if your imagination felt sufficiently spurred until now, be ready for even more and better to come along.  You’re ready to spend for the sake of creativity too, regardless of the outcome, and so be it: explore worlds within worlds within worlds and let us enjoy it to the full extent of your untamed, unbridled and unstoppable creativity.

There is a very interesting conflict, a permanent state of tension within you which generates your talent: it combines a cool and collected intellect with that of a prominent instinctual, intuitive and powerful imagination that deals with both: the beauty of the picture and the indescribable yet unmistakable recognisable scripts you generate.  I see no rifts between these distinctive parts alive within you and all that needs done is to keep the communication lines open within, from one to the other, but this you know how to handle. (Do check out John Cleese’s inspirational speech on creativity at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU5x1Ea7NjQ ).  Also, your current partner or that person closest to you is being represented as being the intellectual driving force within your couple and you shouldn’t ignore her ideas, even if seemingly a little out of your own world at times.

Hey Wes, Mate, obviously you’re taking on more than you can chew, workwise.  Yes, you’re on demand and you’re the man of the day and more. May be there’s another way to tackle your work load and this may involve delegating even more and trusting that those around you can get into your head to do what you expect done.  Yes, expect others to be slightly psychic to get your work done and details will work themselves out.

Now that the pressure is on for you to outperform yourself, you might find that your work demands get the better of you at times and if so, as I’ve said to many a creative soul before, take a rest, breath in, breath out and levitate of all your might or pay me a visit with a couple of tickets and you’ll be sure to get the flowing wine to unwind your soul.  Yeah, I do mean it, what you taking me for?  What ya waiting for anyway?

In your past, Wes (hey by the way, no offense meant, you know what I’m like, Wes-Man, was the particle ‘Wes’ given to you in order to increase the chance of your being more creative?  I mean Wes is kind of short, you know?  It implies that another particle must follow after it quickly, such as Wesboy, Wesley or Wes’it (=i.e. Where’s Wes?).  In particular, it implies that some more must come after it and that one’s imagination is triggered in filling the gap, to be sure, to be sure.  Where was I? Here: your past is represented as your having been unsure where to thread and strongly suggesting your meditative states as being a driving force in your creativity.

Sir Anderson, father of the Lobby Man, of the best inspired Zero I’ve ever come across, the cards seem to suggest you ought to be craftier in your endeavours.  I mean you ought to quietly, in a sneaky manner, overcome some obstacles by not showing you know what is going on and deal with it your own way, not attracting attention onto yourself and do what must be done in order to avoid fights and keep the peace within, whatever this means to you.

Going for you are your competitiveness and your inherent wisdom which, unlike mine makes you think before you speak and/or act.  Don’t be paranoid though, just be yourself and be enterprising in what you enjoy doing without worrying more than necessary about what your competitors may be saying and doing.

Like many an artist I’ve read for before you, me advice to you at this point in time is to take a break, take a trip and you’ll find your energy renewed to its best, and that very soon.

Finally, about your next movie: it’s gonna go from mad to madder, from ‘Lynchian’ if you’ll allow me the comparison, to far more cryptic than that.  It will be totally aloof and steeped into unreality.  You’ll endeavour to mix and match what is and what is not to great effect and this may well be the next stage for you: one where confusion reigns and interpretation of what is shown is free for all to toy with.  It’ll be a lot moodier than what you’ve done up until now and will be more like a representation of some cautionary, mysterious tale.  Do send us a ticket, will ya, wontcha and P-P-PL-EASE?

Hope you enjoyed this reading.