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Howdy Folks!

Today, it is with immense pleasure that I shall read for the honourable J.G. Jopling, also known as Sergent Elias, Max Schreck, He, L and so many others.  He is the incredible acting hulk-of-them-all: Sir Willem J. Dafoe, born 22 July 1955, an imaginative Cancer and creative moon influenced man.  You know, if I were a woman, I’d act just like Sis Rosie does at times: I’d wake up and watch CDs of your movies all day long to watch you play so I could escape reality, ‘cause that’s what you do best, you representative of the yellow flower power, Dafoe-dil-Man, send us dreaming of other worlds and interesting creatures, sometimes called people.

So, Doffey, here are three cards for you:

Strength – High Priestess – Star:

Man!  That’s a first: three cards all represented by feminine characters.  So here it goes, Willem-lem: there is a very strong and outstanding feminine side to you (duh).  The fact is that it seems you’ve always been surrounded by numerous women (through life circumstances) and that this may have been an important and hidden influence on you.  Currently, it may be that several women around you are having arguments and that no one better than you know how best to bring them to a peaceful resolution.

Also, what is underlined, highlighted and brought to light is how your career couldn’t have been anything else than it is and that your creativity and inspiration know absolutely no bound.  You’re a theatre and movie actor and nothing can ever alter that except death, once that time comes.

You may be wondering if, presently, you may be able to move on and work on projects only you wish to attend to – possibly you’re waiting for some opportunity, some gap in your busy schedule to re-formulate your expectations.  There is a feeling of you wishing to do more independent work and be more entrepreneurial than you have been until now.  Also, you may have enough of having to competing at some level as you’ve made your proofs a long time ago.

In your fears, Will-O-Willem, it is indicated – surprise, surprise – that you fear what your unconventional thought and ways may at time bring into your life and how you worry that this may bring some form of discredit over you.  Why, Willem, why?  You’re clearly established and I don’t think you should let any form of doubt creep insidiously within even if this is ‘the thing done’ because there is ‘doubt and doubt’ and that the two aren’t the same except in the way it is spelled, you know what I mean.

To follow up on doubts, Mr. Da-Foe, let me reassure you that what was can be had again and that even if you feel homesick in some way, there is always the option to revisit those people and places you miss.  Don’t you forget that where you are right now, there are people you love you and don’t want to see you look at your past too often.  Don’t give in to ruminating at times and all will be well.

There were times in your past when basic bad luck, lack of foresight and planning brought weird events into your life but this never really affected you as you’ve always been passionate about what you do and there has never been any question in your mind if what you do is the right path for you or not.

At this point in your life, it seems you may need to consider travelling and if you’re doing so, then travel even more.  Don’t question whether or not this is a good thing, just do it and bring your loved ones with you if necessary.  You’ve always had to travel places for filming and this isn’t going to stop, just embrace it and don’t think twice about it unless your independent streak nudges at you.

What is here for you to grab as some sort of support (when life get very hectic) is your relationship.  Nurture it, enjoy it and seek the delights that it has always promised.  Live in the moment with it as you can’t always be together and let the richness of it all soak, brew and macerate your soul in schmaltzy happiness, no need to spice it all up ‘cause it’s fine as it is.  See?  I’ve got the best recipes for you and it’s much better than watching Dinner Date.

William-Def, Man, me advice to you is to look at the broader picture and what you want for yourself.  Don’t wait for time to be born out of nowhere: make the time if necessary and don’t ignore those bigger plans you have for yourself, fight for them and fight a little for more time to be had to dream of those independent endeavours you have in mind.  It’s not that difficult.

As to your next play, ‘cause I feel you’ll have a play come out between all those movies you’re preparing, it’ll be about a character alone in a room who can’t get out of that room and how he won’t be able to find any solutions to his problems.  A parallel will be drawn between the room he’s stuck in and the mental aspects he’s dealing with, nothing new, but you might be one of the writers behind it and you’ll be bringing this man onto stage, all alone.  It’ll be a long monologue but it’ll feel as if several people are in the room.  Only you can pull that one up, no Ralph Fiennes, no Morgan Freeman, no others.  In-ter-STING!  Send us a ticket please, be generous, as I’m gonna go watch you as J. G. Jopling for a second time later today, ‘cause you’re worth it.

Hope you enjoyed this reading.