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Howdy Folks!

Time is going fast and faster. It’s Rosie’s fault. She’s meddling into particles the heavy way because I’m not paying attention to her. I believe she transformed the toaster into a time travelling device. Who does she think she is, Doctor Who? Ha! Ha! Forget the pun and move on, will ya? The fact is that we’ve got to pay our taxes before we leave this mesmerising and enchanting but ultimately toxic place and the bloody accountant isn’t quite tuned to time travelling particles: he’s a master crafter of figures and slow-paced cuckoo-clock timing. Nothing I can do about it unless you have any ideas?

Righteo, today, we’re dealing with a famous housewife, she’s not pregnant yet has been sharing her bed with her movie director hubby, Joel Cohen for a while. You’ve guessed who she is by now, so there’s no need to mention her name ‘cause she’s sooooooo famous, there’s no need to. Well then, since you insist, she’s the one who played an Oscar in Fargo. Da lady is born on 23 June 1957 which makes her the second actress in a couple of week to be influenced by moon vibrations. No, this isn’t what you think: the Moon has nothing to do with vibrators, pass your way, will ya?

Three cards for you, Frances, my belle:

Chariot – Fool – Justice

Firstly, it looks like you’ve just incurred a great success, one that satisfied your wandering spirit as well as replenished your bank account. But, now that this has happened, your mind is hesitating and there is no doubt that you may travel soon to take some well-deserved rest as well as seek a solution to what is troubling you. You need to stop work for a while and I might say that your current and/or future break is similar to that of a sabbatical break. At first sight, it may well be that you will need to seek advice legal and/or counselling to help you decide what must be done.

Part of your present predicament stems from the fact that you no longer wish to compete for the sake of it or to take on opportunities that imply that you may owe something in return to those – not your hubby – who offer you those opportunities. You’re a well-established actress in your own right and there’s no point in being over-altruistic to the point of giving away all that you have acquired in knowledge and experience just to be part of some script which you only half-heartedly believe in.

That’s me point Darling: why should you bother working with moodsome and egotistical – I might have meant moody – women when you’ve been there, you’ve done that and your experience tells you that there’s more to life than theatre within a theatrical set/movie set. I can see your point, I think. Young lunatics (I know you wouldn’t label them that but this is I talking, Ma’am) who disempower and dispirit you with their prima donna attitude. Yeah you know all too well how to deal with them. Problem is it’ll never stop as it gets to you at times and that therefore, you need a break Mrs McDormand.

I feel you’ve had enough of fools of all types, especially actors who act as if they were real actors on stage. Makes sense to you, right?

Your past shows a slightly unlucky streak (your life hasn’t always been easy from a material point of view) mixed with the fortunate state of your heart never having to break over a relationship even if you haven’t escaped some of life’s knocks here and there. You’re a balanced individual, more so than a lot of your peers in the same business and this is your Ace card.

At present, I feel that you may wish not to bring any surprises to those who are around you most days and it would be good for you to clearly communicate with your loved ones and to ensure your finances are well organised and secure (not that you don’t, Frances, just the cards insisting). All I imply here is for you to just make sure where the money goes and to keep a tight check over it, that’s all.

Here, listen to know-it-almost-all-Feralbulb, Ma’am: go by instinct, select what you fear most out of those two solutions that go round and round in your head and this is where your victory lies. Do that for which you have less knowledge and follow what your intuition tells you and you’ll find yourself some place you didn’t think you’d be able to get to.

So be it: travel the world for a while and, upon your return home, you’ll be able to see more clearly and some celebrations will be in place. It seems easy but it’s not that easy if you re-read what was said at the beginning of this reading. You may need a little help, a little push from some external influence. You’re privileged that the outcome foretells of good fortune and much fun to be had.

As to your next movie, let us not miss out on it and send us tickets to the première as I already know – forget about spoilers – that you may be playing someone sick on a hospital bed who meets the love of her life. It may well be that you’ll play a nun who meets her ‘prince’ but who won’t renounce her vows and so although she’ll die of a mysterious disease we’ll all guess to be close to sorrow and guilt (we’re dealing with the catbud religion here, one that has to do with Catholicism-and-Buddhism-in-One religious fervour). The dying nun will perform miracles on her love via various hallucinatory states brought on by possible drugs as well as visions of all kinds, [psychotic, schizophrenic, religion induced, etc.]), who’ll live on to tell the tale and who’ll become the next, true miracle-performing pope. Something of the kind. Planet earth will be saved, to be sure, to be sure.

Hope you enjoyed this reading Frances MacDo.