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Good Day Folks!

It’s only been a week but it feels like I’ve abandoned you for years. You all good? No dramas? None here either… although… I must confide in: Rosie comes out of her kitchen in two and a half weeks. She promised she’ll have the spaghetti supplies polished up and that she will have cleaned her way out of the damned kitchen. I promised her the key in exchange for squeaky clean cleanliness. Some deal, huh?

We’ll come back on this but today, I’m drawing cards for multi-talented baby faced Anna Kendrick – sorry Anna – you do look ever so young… Granted, I’m an old fart.

Three cards for you Missa Beautiful, born on 9 August, 1985 – told you you were young – a flamboyant egotistical ego. Sorry, lego. I’ll get there: Leo. Granted: you have no mane: let’s take away the egotistical bit. Three cards (repeat after me):

Strength – Tower – High Priestess

Anna, Bella, Jessica. Err. Take two: Anna, you’re working too hard for disappointing results – at least disappointing in your minds’ eye, if not in that of others’. It’s time for a change, time for a breakthrough and you’re on the precipice of total annihilation. What? Coffee with Rum. That’s what. Stop. Start. Again. It’s time for a change, time for a breakthrough and you’re on the precipice of something rather new – you won’t fall and if you do, it’ll be for your greater good ‘cause you’ll fall back on your feet and, besides, you’re only small. There’s good cash coming and if you bring balance to those various parts of your life that need it right now, you’ll also be all the wiser. Trust your mum or that incredible good friend close to you: she has the one key answer to your many questions. Also, don’t give in to emotional blackmail on any one’s part.

Anna, at the heart of your current predicaments: one man. One thicko-thick minded man. A stubborn son-of-a-bum who keeps pulling your strings and you’ve had it with him. Thing is, Ma’am, he isn’t very inspired and at the moment, his emotions are simply overwhelming him and he lacks self-control. Deal with him the best you can (it’s not that difficult): remain cool at all times and ignore his outbursts, he’ll stop the childishness soon enough and you’ll have won your battle.

You fear a relationship and some underlying passion underneath it all and since you don’t really know how to handle it, best way is to act cool and detached. Maybe. Dunno. I’m no specialist. Just telling you what I see. When Rosie gets out of her kitchen, you’ll have the opportunity to ask her all the advice you may wish for: she’s got plenty of it and more for ya.

Clearly, at the moment, Anna-Banana, you wish for clarity of brain cells and to be able to ponder over what you’ve achieved and what it is you want to do with all that you have acquired (in knowledge and cash).

In your past, I see the love of staying put and enjoying family gatherings. You may be considering having a family soon too and you may be longing for many a kiddie to be around you.

Right now, I feel that you need to stop trying to be fair and think of yourself a lot more. Tell people what you think even if it’s not always nice ‘cause you need to redefine your boundaries a little and, as we’ve seen in the cups video clip – great song Ma’am, great song – you’ll be growing cups out of your ears and leaving all behind if you carry on like this. Be more adventurous too, it would do you some good.

Look at it this way: your heart is filled with all that it needs and you know that you don’t need to go far to find satisfaction and enjoyment for yourself so stop hesitating and the procrastinating of even the best laid plans… just do what you feel you wanna do, Anna!

And if what I just said isn’t enough, then take a rest and meditate. You know the technique so use it. Right, Anna?

As to your next fantastic and horror movie, it’ll be about those humans with long fangs having regressed to being bats hiding in caverns and getting confused with the likes of Spiderman, batman and their brood hanging upside down in da dark too. It’ll be a major break for you, relationship wise: which lover looks best without his mask/fangs down? It’ll be fun even if you get typecast once more into the fragile and sensitive heroin whose heart hangs between one and another and another and… The public will love it, me first. Send us a couple of tickets, will ya now, Ma’am? PLLLLEASE?

Hope you enjoyed this reading.