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Howdy Folks!

Time for a laugh and no time to waste or I’m gonna be late for my XXXX (get real, nothing to do with sex, this reads as 4 X – [no I wasn’t married four times either, shake what’s left of your brain, will ya?]).

Today. Today.  Today.  What was I going to say?  Ah.  Yep. Danny.  Danny Bhoy, funny wonder boy born on 17 January 1974 which makes him the funniest Scottish Capricorn there is and, most probably, his rising sky must have something to do with a-Quarians and/or Hindustani Aries.

Three cards for you, Mate:

High Priestess + Chariot + Justice

Interesting cards to get, Danny Boy O Boy.  Shut Up!  Very feminine.  I think you’re one of these chap who draw their intuition from their utmost hyper-feminine side and this is why you’re very successful.  They say (I mean da gossipers, ya know?) that you sometimes dress as a woman (each time a different one) before you begin your show to get the inspiration and stupidity to come to the surface.  It’s ok.  We all have our daily rituals after all.  Thing is, if the lady in your house isn’t the same as the one in da other house on da other side of the country, you could be in trouble.  Nah, I don’t mean it, it’s just that there are so many women around you I tend to get envious.  Just a tad.  Anyways, all these women bring you luck as they somehow bring more work/contracts to you.  I think you should be a psychic, I know it’s another ball game, but call me if you think you’d fit in.

I think you’re enjoying some time off at the moment, some well-deserved rest and that you may be spending time with your better half to get your creative juices squeezed on another level.

Time is of the essence, quality time with your loved ones.  Fair enough Danny Man, just don’t make things boring for us, will ya?

Hey, I heard you planned on singing and trying yourself at Britain’s got talent or something.  I don’t recommend it ‘cause you can sing your way out of a funny paragraph but singing…  You’re no Susan Boyle, merely boisterous Bhoy-Boy.

On your past, influences appear to having been tough and stark but that justice prevailed and, if you’ve ever had to fight for your rights, it is over now.

Now is the time to act in a surprising way, showing that you can sit still and not hyper-ventilate and/or gesticulate.  Save your breath, meditate and look after your best bunny.  What?  I never said bunny!

What you can do for yourself is to seek solace in heartbreak and learn from it.  Not sure what I mean but who cares.  Anyone reading this?  Contemplate and meditate.  I repeat: meditate and contemplate.  Sit still.  Levitate.

I also suggest to seek the help of the angel hanging upside down on your subconscious and work on miracles ‘cause the solution won’t be found in leaving and/or moving.

Your next show, the one you haven’t created yet, will be a breath of fresh air and you’ll feel renewed.  You’ll land back on your feet and the oyster of your creation will be brought home in the Scottish highlands or somewhere atop Ben Navel, sorry, Nevis.  I sense that you’ll create a new show entitled “Comedy Gladiator”, which will have your audience die laughing else the comedian gets confronted to improvisation or the death of his show and reputation, somehow.”

Hope you enjoyed this reading.


PS: Pssst!  Tickets PLEASE?