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Howdy Folks!

How’s your week been?

Rosie & I are barely one month off from leaving cuckoo clocks land, its overly perfect towns, landscapes and overflowing bank a go-go: the stage is beginning to look like a stiff truck loaded with boxes.  Stiff truck?  Sorry, no time to explain, ‘cause today we’re looking after word twister, chirpy tweeter Master of all times and beyond: Megan Amram, a self-confessed Virgo born on 3 September 1987, a scientist in her spare time who set out to prove that a good name for a dick is that of a non-dairy creamer.

Three cards drawn for you, Ma’am Amramram:

Lovers – Hanged Man – Magician

Hey Megan, with these three cards pulled you may want to think again and get yourself out of a sticky situation which you didn’t mean to bring about but which presented itself to you through the words ‘fate’ and ‘there’s nothing you could have done to avoid it’.  It’s been on your mind for a while now and all I can recommend is that you pick up whatever it is you threw on the floor, leave and close the bloody door quietly behind you.  Just remember your own motto and live by it: ‘Who needs a boyfriend when you have two fists?’

I think you wanna reconsider, ponder over the power you hold in your hands: that of twitting and letting your imagination go free at all levels.  Keep going, be who you’re meant to be and keep hating your fans ‘cause they hate you back in the same way and just as much.  I love you too.

You hate it when your energies level deplete for reasons you can’t fathom, given that you eat healthy Tacos.  It stops you from making plans and thinking creatively.  Well, Ma’am, don’t let other people or things stop you in your track with their jealousy.  It’s more subtle than that, Megan, just stick to your beliefs.

  1. There are times when you wish you could see clearly and I sense a strong wish for accomplishment over the long term.  It seems you may want to become independent and be the creator of your own shows.  Well, anything’s possible Megramification, anything, especially considering you’re well acquainted with the head writer of the Weather channel.  So go for it!

Your past shows hard times and longing to get out of your egg (whatever shape this egg may have taken).  Perhaps you were at the mercy of some overbearing man or circumstances that drove you nuts to the point of needing to laugh about it and make sense.

Now is a time in your life to get grounded and get to act in a bold, cutting and smart manner to undo what others are trying to load onto your shoulders.  Get a lawyer if necessary, just don’t go anywhere on that road in a blind way.  Trust your instincts too.

Also, do get your twits together and walk the line without stepping out of wherever you don’t wanna step out from.  Life’s your oyster, walk the walk and twit the twit.  Got it?

I suggest you let the words flow out of your brain, mouth and wherever else words may come out of, without much of a forethought and ignore any feelings about what you say.  People who take you seriously would do well in getting their lives sorted: be free and say what you think.

As to your next project, I feel it’ll have much to do with talking about couples and life within relationships and how one is better off doing things for themselves than get stuck in dead end, toxic relationships.  Sounds serious but no doubt you’ll make it as irrelevant, irreverent and hilarious as needs be.  Send us a previous of your next show, will ya?  O’course we’d ever be so grateful.  Zank you, zank you and zank you A-Gain.

Hope you enjoyed your reading, Ma’am.