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Good Day Folks!

What can I say?  The dogs are sleeping and Rosie too.  Let sleeping dogs lie.  It’s all good.  I’m free to banter and be morbid.  What else can I ask for?

On to this creature: Pharrell Williams, born on 5 April 1973, in the pre-Taurus era, that of the Aries, a bold and creative sound and song Master.

Three cards spread: Empress + Devil + Strength

Pharrell, all I’d like to say here is to believe in the strength of your current relationship.  There are times when you doubt it yet… it is more solid than you think it to be.  Money is of no consequence, only time.  Just remember: take the time for her, for your family and all will be well.

Look, you’ve just come out of a time when you felt nothing could work for you and that it was all too much to bear as your art commanded you to attend to it.  Let that train of thought go and recharge your batteries in positivity and belief, yeah I said belief.  It ain’t hard candy so swallow da pill, Mate.

Boy O box, don’t I know it?  Overwhelming? Overpowering? Overbearing?  That’s Rosie all over again.  But believe me, you don’t need to lock your better half up in the kitchen and put her head in the toaster to check on bread crumbs, nah, nope. She’s nowhere near to deserving that type of treatment.  Ya, you might have underestimated her power over you.  Just don’t dismiss it and go along with it.  There are more rewards than inconvenience.  C’mon, be fair.  Told you already: you don’t need the money and your art can take a rest here and there, right?

You won’t need to leave the security of your home, nor will she.  Fight for her, fight for your family.  It’ll all turn out right in the end; trust me, even if I sound weird to you.

I know, there was a time when your Lilac-Rose tinted, Louis Vuitton, spectacles made you look at your relationship with unrealistic expectations.  It was O so pure.  You were O so blessed.  Now, you feel manipulated and may be you are.  Only she wants you, she needs you to love her when she acts badly.  It’s a test.  How far will you go to show her your love?  Hey Dude, you’re a romantic.  Act like one.

May I point me finger to your letting go of the hard times, petty arguments and listen to her arguments?  See the world and think of it the way SHE sees it and thinks it should be.  I know, how come this reading isn’t talking about your art and entrepreneur streak?  Let me just say, the cards have something to say and on this occasion they highlight your relationship.  Nothing I can do about it.

Pharrell, don’t give in to light hearted silly stuff that you used to do when you were younger, when your relationship was still budding.  It’s no longer like this.  Be generous of spirit, show her that you can hear what she’s got to say and respect her ideas even if they appear slightly out of this world to you.  There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye and if you open the road for her and not show any reticence, she’ll make good of it and do really well in her own right.

Me last bit of advice: don’t be a scrooge; work at your relationship.  It’ll pay off in many more ways than one in the long run.  Consider this: you’re fortunate to be able to do what you do and do it well.  You’re even more fortunate to have a strong partner with whom you can share the rest of your life without any trouble and merely for happiness’ sake.  It was said that you said “I am overly ambitious, because I realize it can be done.”  Prove it.

Finally, your next songs and/or enterprise (or both) will take place where you are without your having to move or travel anywhere and if you focus on it, your business and all that you do can be done from the chore area where your family is based.  That way, you’ll be able spread your wings managing everything from where you are located and not the other way around.  Your next song will have to do with being a King and what it means to be one.

I hope you enjoyed this reading.