Hi Folks,

Well, yeah.  We did say around August and look at us now… Last day of the year and nothing at all to skulk about… The end of the year is the end of this blog, that’s what. For now, because I dare not look at the cards for an outcome over this.  Rosie and I have moved to Sydney, with the doggies and we’re all fine except Rosie was fired from her latest job on particles and I’m to do the full time work to look after her so the celebrities and various other odd entities’ readings have gone astray….  you can still find us working with http://www.juliegum.wordpress.com telling unending tales, whispering words of reverse wisdom and non-sensical inspiration to Julie.

It was fun to meet you all.  We’ll meet some other day, maybe, for sure, I dunno.

If you like to have your cards read by yours truly, be sure to follow us at http://www.phuture.me…. catch me if you can.

Meanwhile, have a GRAND NEW YEAR!