Ladies and Gentlemen, I shall introduce my twin brother, Feralbulb Lightosterone, as my best friend even though we seem to have been born to fight endlessly.  He is of a generous heart, talented, neurotic and rude beyond belief.  He was born exactly three minutes 36 after I came out of our mother’s womb and has been trying to catch up with everything I do, the way I do it, ever since.  He is an attention seeker.  Although we are both born on a 3 of February some time back, Feralbulb will maintain he is born the same day as each of the celebrities he reads the cards for, as this helps him get a deeper connection with the individuals concerned.  From the word ‘go’, he attempted to get Mother and Father’s attention, misbehaving for no other reason that he was born to do so, similarly with his teachers.  After dropping out of school age fourteen, he stole cars, cards and cash being incapable of understanding the nature of the words ‘authority’, ‘submission’ and ‘humility’.  Enlightenment came to him after his last girlfriend, Blue, left him for some O so famous celebrity.  For the first time his heart broke.  Then, he attempted to look within himself for answers and has since been on a path of recovery and reconstruction of his being as a whole.  He hasn’t looked back and even convinced me that, after predicting my own ability to predict the unpredictable, I should mix my ‘seeing’ gift with my knowledge on quantum physics.  My brother is an untamed soul, meaning to do good his own way.  If you are a celebrity of any kind or his neighbour, I hope you enjoy his intention to reveal your past, present or future to you and that you are able to appreciate it as it comes.


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