This is about my twin sister, Rosie Milligan-Blurb-Jones.  I love her, she’s me best buddy.  We’ve been through a lot she and I.  She loves me too, I reckon, but she’ll never admit to it.  I know this because otherwise, she would never have joined me in this tarot reading business.  I know I’m tough, callous and irreverent at the best of times but deep down I’ve got a soft spot and only she knows this.  As we grew up, she was the shining light of the family, always pleasing parents, friends and foes when I tried and followed.  She got a degree in quantum physics and did some research on the universe with a whole damn bunch of big-headed, pig-headed scientists, inventing instruments to measure the time it took for some God damn particles to travel through light and time.  She made it rich and I told her that instead, she could study particles with me me way, which is to predict the outcome of the travelling of particles through time without the need for complicated maths.  Now, she and I are on the same path even if we say it differently.  Me sister married many times.  I know this is private stuff for her.  The thing is, her husbands paid her to leave them so she had no option but to get paid.  She has suffered.  It’s because she’s so damn stubborn and doesn’t believe a man is better than she is.  She’s cute, independent, strong-willed and she’s a feminist.  She’s my sister and I love her just like that.  She’s obsessed with perfection.  She can read cards like me but she’s far too polite and hates telling the truth upfront or only with ‘delicacy’ as she puts it… like she maintains she empowers people whereas I like to show them as it was, is or will be.  She likes to burden people with a sense of responsibility for their actions; I like to take off any burden from their shoulders.  She maintains that the key lies within you but I say you’ve no control, dude, so get your acts together and prepare yourself for what’s coming.  It’s fate, mate, like it or not.  Just grin a bit.  And don’t worry, you’ll be in good hands with Rosie anyway.


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