And here is for Chuck Wendig’s 200 words challenge:(

Somewhere deep inside the Universe, Death and Life are talking.  Working conditions, they agree, are tough.  They can’t go on holidays, they can’t go on the dole and they can’t claim housing benefits.  Times could be better.  They’ve learned all they need to know about their job and there’s no prospect for advancement.  They wish they could decide on who lives and dies but instead, they get given the allocated numbers to distribute where and when asked to.  It’s been like this from the beginning of time.  If only, they wish, they could get some sleep.  If only they could stop for a little while to think about what they’re doing.  Most of their sentences begin with “if only…”  It might have something to do with having a holiday, but you can’t be sure.

The time has come to bring their complaints to God.

“It’s unfair, in order to give life, I must be at my best,” Life says.

“It’s unfair, in order to take a life away, I must be at my best,” Death says.

As Life and Death enumerate what is unfair on their endless list, God counts and takes note of each of their numerous claims.

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