Rosie and Feralbulb can be contacted directly at the following email address: (for email readings only) .  Just ask for Feralbulb or Rosie or join us on Facebook (look up for Rosie MilliganBlurb-Jones).

Feralbulb resides at the same addresses as Rosie’s and the two of them can be found reading cards  at under a Swiss flag or also at

Rosie’s next-of-kin-of-a-third-kind can be found writing her bits on

Beware that in asking Feralbulb for a reading, you may not get a straight, decent and/or polite answer and that you do so at your own risk. Rosie declines any responsibility in you choosing to contact her frantic brother.  She, however, will gladly read cards politely and ethically for you.

If you are, or think you belong to any of the categories Feralbulb attends to such as actors, actresses, TV personalities, writers, musicians, singers, royalty or you think you are his neighbour and wish to ask for a free in-depth reading from either, Rosie or Feralbulb, all you need to do, is to prove who you are to them by paying them a visit in their home town, Geneva.  Good luck!

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