Oy! Folks!

So you wanna do a reading for an artist of your choice and have us post it for you? Or is it just a reading you’re after?

It is with humoungous pleasure that Rosie and I invite YOU to join our team and do your own reading for a celebrity of your choice.  To do so, you must be an ethical psychic (or close to it) of some sort, (tarot reader, clairvoyant, Beetlejuice, etc. – proof required such as website/blog), and enjoy writing.  All you need to do is to submit one entry of your choice written as a character of your choice.  It cannot be you as a person, as only imaginary friends of all shapes and beliefs are allowed here.  When submitting your entry simply write ‘feralbulb submission’ in the subject line.

So, I hear you say, with all the panting, sweating and swearing that is involved, in submitting my work to these two lunatics, I have to pay a fee just to have my voice heard in the dark alleys of WordPressdom?  Mate, who said that it was dark?  Besides, did you know that although it comes for a price, it comes with a prize too?  Not only do you get advertised here for your shiny, sparkly and ultimate knowledge of people, pets and pears, but you also get your own reading for free.  Yes, Dude, a reading done by Rosie or me, you choose.  It’s AUD 10.00 all included in the price (Paypal).  Is it worth it?  Hey, think about what the beauty product said: ‘because I’m worth it’.

And if it is just a reading you’re after, price is AUD 20.00 per question, or AUD 80.00 for a full reading.  Just quote ‘feralbulb reading request’ in the subject line (Paypal).

Email us at

See ya soon!


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